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Salivary Gland Treatment and Surgery in India

Plan your Salivary Gland Treatment and Surgery in India with Indian Healthguru Consultants

Salivary Gland Treatment and Surgery in India is done at the best hospitals having cutting edge technology, extremely adept Surgeons and Consultants, highly proficient management team and dedicated nurses. Indian Healthguru is a medical value provider helping overseas patients find the right medical help from the top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India at affordable rates.

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  • Basic facilities: Indian Healthguru has network of the best surgeons and hospitals, providing supreme healthcare in India.
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Salivary Glands

salivary gland treatment surgery India low cost benefitsSalivary glands are exocrine gland that have duct system to flow there secretions. The saliva that is produced by these glands is brought to the oral cavity. The main function of the saliva is the lubrication of the food that is being chewed and assisting in deglutition. Saliva also performs digestion of the carbohydrates by the enzyme it has.

Types of Salivary Glands
There are three major pairs of salivary glands:

  • Parotid glands
  • Submandibular glands
  • Sublingual glands

Other minor Salivary Glands are as follows;

  • Labial & buccal glands
  • Glossopalatine glands
  • Palatine glands
  • Lingual glands

Salivary Glands Diseases

Salivary Glands diseases are classified as follows;

  • Reactive lesions: Mucocele, Mucus retention cysts, Sialolitiasis, Chronic sclerosing sialadenitis, Necrotizing sialometaplasia
  • Salivary Infections: Acute parotitis, Viral endemic parotitis(Mumps), Bacterial sialadenitis
  • Immune Related Diseases: Lymphoepithelial sialadenitis, Sjogren Syndrome Salivary Gland Tumors:
  • Benign: Pleomorphic adenoma, Monomorphic adenoma, Papillary cystadenoma, Oncocytoma, Other adenomas
  • Malignant: Mucoepidermoid carcinoma, Adenoid cystic carcinoma, Acinic cell carcinoma, Polymorphous low grade adenocarcinoma, Other adenocarcinomas

Some of the common diseases of Salivary Glands in details are as follows;

  1. Sialadenitis (Salivary Gland Infection)Bacterial infection of the salivary gland, most commonly the parotid gland, may result when the duct into the mouth is blocked. Sialadenitis creates a painful lump in the gland and foul-tasting pus drains into the mouth. It causes severe pain, high fevers, and abscess (pus collection).  
  2. Other InfectionsViral infections such as mumps, flu, and others can cause swelling of the salivary glands. Swelling occurs in parotid glands on both sides of the face, giving the appearance of "chipmunk cheeks."
  3. Bacterial Infections: Bacterial infections generally cause one-sided salivary gland swelling. The bacteria are typically those found normally in the mouth, as well as staph bacteria. These infections most often affect the parotid gland. Dehydration and malnutrition increase the risk of getting a bacterial infection.
  4. CystsCysts can develop in the salivary glands if injuries, infections, tumors, or salivary stones block the flow of saliva. Some babies are born with cysts. It appears as a blister. Cysts may interfere with eating and speaking.
  5. TumorsSeveral different types of tumors can affect the salivary glands. They can be benign or malignant. The two most common tumors are pleomorphic adenomas and Warthin's tumor. Pleomorphic adenomas most commonly affect the parotid glands, but can also affect the submandibular gland and minor salivary glands. Warthin's tumor is also benign and affects the parotid gland. Warthin's tumor can grow on both sides of the face and affects more men than women.
  6. Sjogren's Syndrome:  Sjögren's syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disease in which cells of immune system attack the salivary and other moisture-producing glands, leading to dry mouth and eyes.
  7. Salivary Gland Dysfunction (Xerostomia): Many diseases and conditions can induce salivary gland dysfunction, such as Sjögren's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer radiotherapy, viral infections, and aging. 

Symptoms of Salivary Glands Diseases

When there is a problem with the salivary glands or ducts, one may experience symptoms such as salivary gland swelling, fever, and foul-tasting drainage into the mouth. There are other symptoms are as follows;

  • Abnormal tastes, foul tastes
  • Decreased ability to open the mouth
  • Discomfort when opening the mouth
  • Dry mouth
  • Pain in the face or mouth pain
  • Swelling in front of the ears
  • Swelling of the face or neck
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Diagnosis of Salivary Gland Disease

  • The salivary glands can be squeezed and the ducts observed for saliva flow.

  • To diagnose other causes of swelling, a dentist or doctor may perform a biopsy to obtain a sample of salivary gland tissue and examine it under a microscope.

  • If a salivary duct is blocked by a stone, a dentist may sometimes push the stone out by pressing on both sides of the duct. If that fails, a fine-wire-like instrument can be used to pull out the stone. As a last resort, the stone can be removed surgically.

Preparation for Salivary Gland Surgery

  • In most situations, the surgery is performed as inpatient or as an outpatient.  An anesthesiologist will monitor you throughout the procedure. 
  • If the doctor has ordered preoperative laboratory studies, one should arrange to have these done several days in advance.
  • Aspirin, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications or any product containing aspirin should not be consumed within 10 days of the date of your surgery.
  • You must not eat or drink anything 6 hour prior to the time of surgery. 
  • Smokers should make every effort to stop smoking, or at least reduce the number of cigarettes.  This will help to improve the healing process and to reduce postoperative coughing and bleeding.

Salivary Gland Treatment

  • Treatment for salivary gland problems depends on the cause.
  • For stones and other blockages of the ducts, treatment often begins with measures such as manual removal of stones, warm compresses, or sour candies to increase the flow of saliva. If simple measures don't relieve the problem, surgery may be required to remove the blockage and/or the affected gland.
  • Other problems may be treated with medications. For example, bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics. Medications can also be prescribed for dry mouth.

Salivary Gland Surgery

Salivary gland tumors are treated by surgical removal. In the case of benign tumors, surgery with complete removal of tumor is the curative treatment and no other treatment (i.e. radiotherapy or chemotherapy) is needed. In cases where salivary gland tumors are cancerous, surgery is the most effective treatment. However, in some patients, radiation therapy is also recommended. The need for radiation therapy is determined by numerous factors including the exact kind of cancer and its grade, the size of tumor and the location of the tumor.

Recovery after Salivary Gland Surgery

  • Your face or neck may be swollen and bruised after surgery, and in many instances
  • All bandages are usually removed one to two days following surgery.
  • Numbness, slight swelling, tingling discoloration, bumpiness, hardness, crusting, tightness and a small amount of redness around the incisions are normal findings after surgery and should improve with time. 
  • In the hospital and after you go home you should go to bed and rest with your head elevated on 2-3 pillows.  By keeping your head elevated above your heart, you can minimize edema and swelling. 
  • Avoid straining, if you are constipated, take a stool softener or a gentle laxative.
  • It is best to eat a light, soft, and cool diet as tolerated once you have recovered fully from the anesthetic.

Follow-Up Care Post Salivary Gland Surgery

  • Sutures are removed approximately 7 days after surgery.
  • Routine follow-up care depends on the nature of the problem. 
  • One should avoid excessive talking, smiling, hard chewing, strenuous activities, lifting heavy objects, and bending over. 
  • Alcohol and tobacco should be avoided because they may prolong swelling and healing.
  • If you must be in the sun you should use a number 15 or greater sun block and consider wearing a hat.  You may use your usual make-up anytime after surgery.

Benefits of Salivary Gland Treatment and Surgery

benefits salivary gland surgeryMost salivary gland infections resolve spontaneously or are cured with treatment. Complications are not common, but they may occur. A salivary stone is usually a one-off event. After it is removed there are usually no further problems. Anyone who is contemplating surgery must weigh the potential risks and complications against the potential benefits of the surgery. Artificial salivas for xerostomia help moisten the oral mucosa, relieving the discomfort of dry mouth and facilitating speaking, chewing and swallowing.

Salivary Gland Treatment and Surgery in India

salivary gland treatment hospitalIndia offers a complete range of surgical care which includes cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery, weight loss surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, organ transplantation, plastic and reconstructive surgery, surgical treatment of cancer, unique treatments for pancreas, liver diseases and general surgery, endocrine surgery, neurosurgery, podiatric surgery, vascular surgery, urology, transplant surgery, salivary gland surgery, Oral and maxillofacial surgery and much more. The hospitals in India provide state- of –the- art facilities, infrastructure and an unmatched commitment to patient care. The combination of cutting edge technology, highly proficient management team, extremely adept Surgeons and Consultants and exceptionally dedicated nurses ensures the best treatment and the most comfortable recuperation period in India.

Cities in India that offers Salivary Gland Treatment and Surgery at some of the best and renowned hospitals are as follows;

Mumbai Hyderabad Kerala
Delhi Pune Goa
Bangalore Nagpur Jaipur
Chennai Gurgaon Chandigarh

Ms. Victoria Ugonn from Nigeria shares her friend's experience of Salivary gland Treatment done in India

salivary gland treatment surgery India low cost benefits experience
Ms. Victoria Ugonn from Nigeria

My roommate suddenly started feeling severe pain in her throat and her body temperature went up too after a few days of returning from her international trip. It was in the middle of the night and she was in so much pain that she was crying and couldn’t even swallow her saliva. In that panicky situation, I decided to take her to the doctors at Indian Health Guru as I had heard that they are really good at their job and they told us about the salivary gland infection that she has encountered. The immediate and most effective solution for the condition was a surgery and they were really supportive throughout the process. The staff members were so caring that we didn’t feel alone even when her parents hadn’t arrived.

Cost of Salivary Gland Treatment and Surgery in India

low cost salivary gland tretmentOver a Million people every year take medical tour to India for the low cost medical procedures Indian hospitals offer, which are 50 to 70 percent lower in comparison to healthcare costs in western countries. People are attracted towards the best quality of healthcare services, accredited medical facilities, and internationally trained and qualified health care professionals and travel to India for their health care needs. The services encompass everything from primary health checkups to major surgical procedures including salivary gland surgery and treatment.

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Some of the common countries from which patients travel to India for surgery are:

AustraliaNew ZealandNigeria
Sri LankaBangladeshPakistan

To get free no obligation Quote For Salivary Gland Treatment and Surgery in India : click here
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