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top 10 hospital indiaWockhardt Hospitals Limited is a chain of specialty hospitals in India under the Wockhardt Group. With over a decade of experience since inception, Wockhardt Hospitals is committed to provide you with the best medical services in the country and is known for offering a comprehensive and world-class care. It has all the assets that make it the best, in-fact one of the foremost hospitals in the country.As a hospital, all efforts are dedicated and committed to the creation of patient value.

Wockhardt Hospitals, India, currently operates the Wockhardt Hospital & Heart Institute, Bangalore, Wockhardt Hospital & Kidney Institute, Kolkata and Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai.Since then, these hospitals have become centres of excellence in their respective fields, and draw patients not only from their cities, but also from surrounding states and even neighbouring countries. Wockhardt Hospital is planning to set up additional five super-specialty hospitals in the next three years, of which three will be at Mumbai and one at Bangalore. All these will have modern and world-class facilities.

Wockhardt Hospital & Heart Institute Bangalore

In 1989, Wockhardt Ltd. instituted a dedicated super-specialty cardiac hospital in the south Indian city of Bangalore, christened - Wockhardt Hospital & Heart Institute, with a focus to excel in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Since inception, it grown to become a renowned tertiary level heart centre providing cardiac care to patients of all age group including infants.

A long standing reputation, for cardiovascular excellence along with premier diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities, enable the hospital to treat the most complex and high risk cardiac patients. This has resulted in the institution being recognized amongst the best heart hospitals in India and a treatment destination for cardiac patients from foreign countries including ENGLAND AND AMERICA.

The number of cardiac surgeries, angioplasties and coronary angiograms performed each year and the commitment to provide highest quality of cardiac care with compassion and concern for each patient's well being has earned us the recognition of being a 'Centre of Excellence' in cardiac care.

The services include both invasive and non-invasive procedures along with all necessary diagnostic facilities. Wockhardt Hospital & Heart Institute is ranked amongst the very best heart Institutes in India and over the years has performed several thousand successful cardiac surgeries and over a thousand angioplasties. This centre is also tied-up with five major medical insurance companies and with some of the premier heart institutes of the world.

Wockhardt Hospital & Kidney Institute Kolkata

The Kolkata centre has expanded in a big way with the creation of the Wockhardt Hospital & Kidney Institute - a 70 bedded dedicated Urology super-specialty hospital specialized in handing personalized day-care health services in Urology, Gastro-Enterology and Ophthalmology. Being one of its kind in Eastern India, the centre offers several comprehensive health check-up packages meeting various needs of individuals and corporates. It also focuses on invasive and non-invasive surgery including Lithothrypsy, Renal Transplantation, Open Renal and GI Surgery. Some of the facilities available are Lithotripsy, PCNL, URS/ URSLC and Laparoscopic Surgery among many more.

Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai

Wockhardt has associated with Harvard Medical International, USA, to bring you Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai. Wockhardt joined hands with the Government of Maharashtra to set up a 250 - bedded super-specialty hospital in Mumbai, with state-of-the-art surgical and medicare facilities. Wockhardt will hold 51 percent of the joint venture equity and the Government of Maharashtra with the funding assistance of the World Bank will hold 49 percent. Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai, is equipped with five different super-specialty focused hospitals, to offer you a comprehensive and world-class care, all under one roof.

  • Wockhardt Heart Hospital
    This hospital vows to offer you the best of cardiac care, with an excellent clinical record of highly qualified and expert cardiac surgeons. It also has interventional cardiologists with an international collective experience of more than 10,000 cardiothoracic surgeries, 25,000 Angiograms and 8,000 Angioplasties. The hospital is equipped with Cardiothoracic OT, Cardiac Catheterisation Lab, well-equipped ICCU facility, all designed to meet the international standards.

  • Wockhardt Brain & Spine Hospital
    This hospital provides extensive medical and surgical care for patients with disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. The neurologists and neurosurgeons are backed by the most extensive neuro-diagnostic and imaging facilities including MRI and CT technology. Along with providing general diagnostic x-ray imaging, Wockhardt Brain and Spine Hospital offers you a magnitude of imaging services like EEG, EMG, Sensation 10 CT Scanner, Functional MRI with Spectroscopy, OPMI Multivision etc.

  • Wockhardt Bone & Joint Hospital
    This hospital specializes in all types of musculoskeletal problems ranging from trauma to minimal invasive arthoscopy. The hospital will have speciality clinics for trauma, arthritis, pain management and osteoporosis. The clinical team is also specialized in joint replacement surgery, ligament repair, knee & spine surgery, arthroscopy surgery, minimum access joint surgery, pediatric bone and joint surgeries and sports medicine.

  • Wockhardt Eye Hospital
    This hospital is poised to be the leading centre for ophthalmology in Mumbai. It has specialty clinics in cornea, glaucoma, vitreo-retina and retinovascular, uveitis, squint, orbital diseases and oculoplasty, cataract & intra-ocular surgery, diabetic retinopathy and neuro-ophthalmology. The latest treatments and technology available in the hospital are OCTIII, IOL Master, FF 450 Fundus Camera, Millenium Micro Surgical System, SP-2000P Non-Contact Specular Microscope, Corneal Topography and Y.A.G. Laser.

  • Wockhardt Minimal Access Surgery Hospital
    To minimize surgical trauma, pain and blood loss to the patients, the hospital is focusing more on the Minimal Access Surgery. Also known as keyhole or band-aid surgery, it has been used for several years as an alternative to traditional open-surgery. The hospital will provide excellent services in minimal access surgery in the areas of neuro-surgery, abdomen, thoracic, bone & joint, pulmonary and ENT.


  • The 1st Hospital in India to perform Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass surgery.

  • The 2nd Hospital in India to have a dedicated Department of Electrophysiology.

  • The 1st Single specialty dedicated Heart Centre in South India.

  • The 1st Corporate Hospitals to cross 1000 Open Heart surgeries in Karnataka and now having performed over 7800 Cardiac surgeries.

  • The 1st Hospital to perform Intra-Coronary Stent Implantation, Mitral Valvuloplasty, Rotablator, Coil Closure for Ductus & Internal Carotid Angioplasty in Karnataka.

  • The 1st Corporate Hospital to introduce Primary Angioplasty & Intra Coronary Ultrasound facilities in Karnataka.

  • Pioneered Stone Management and Key Hole surgery in Eastern India and Bangladesh.

  • The 1st Hospital in India to perform Vertebral Artery Angioplasty.

  • The 1st Hospital in India to launch an Emergency Cardiacare services through "The Wockhardt Cardiac Line."

  • The 1st Hospital in South Asia to be recognized by the American BlueCross BlueShield Association on their worldwide network of participating hospitals.

International Alliances

A trusted name in Healthcare, Wockhardt Hospitals treat patients from all over South Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. A significant endorsement for Wockhardt Hospitals is its tie-up with many global health insurance giants. Wockhardt Hospitals is the first recognized hospital in South Asia on the worldwide panel of BlueCross BlueShield, the largest provider of health insurance in USA.

The lists of global tie-ups are:

  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association, USA

  • SOS International Inc. Singapore

  • Global Emergency Services Inc. USA

  • BUPA, UK

  • MEDEX Inc. USA

  • Global Medicine Management Inc. USA

  • Assist America Inc. USA

  • GESA Assistance, Singapore

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