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How to choose an Efficient Cardiologist in India for your cardiac problems?


Cardiologists in India are world renowned and are aided by cutting edge technology and excellent nursing staff who provide all patients suffering from cardiac problems with the highest level of medical care. With overseas training and experience, Cardiologists in India ensure that all of your needs will be met. India is recognized as the leader in Cardiac and the hospitals’ outstanding facilities, leading expertise and latest advancements in medical technology place them among the world’s premier global healthcare providers. We at, Indian Healthguru Group are proud to offer you access to state of the art cardiac surgery and heart check-up at affordable prices. We have initiated a partnership with the finest Indian hospitals and the most efficient Cardiologists in India to offer world class cardiac surgery to international patients.  

While academic credentials, experience and availability in an emergency should top the list of Cardiologists qualifications, heart patients should also consider convenience and whether the doctor's office is easily accessible. Being faced with the need to find a cardiologist when you have never used one is a little scary. Consider the diagnosis, age of the patient, and anything you might already know about finding a cardiologist. This information will give you a good start. You still are not any closer, but you realize now that you have a lot of information at hand.

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Follow these steps to finish the search

  • Ask your family doctor for a suggestion. Your doctor will take a couple of things into consideration before making a recommendation. Is this search because you or someone in your family has heart problems? Is the need for a cardiologist for annual physical examination purposes?

  • Consider the age of the patient. Do you need a pediatric cardiologist or one who sees adult patients? These specialties are closely related but do have some very different aspects.

  • Check to see which cardiologists were chosen to be in your insurance company's list of specialty providers. If there is not an adequate list, call the insurance company to see what you do from there. By the same reasoning, if your choice is not listed, ask the insurance company if a doctor can be added to the list and what that process entails.

  • See which friends or relatives living in your area have used a cardiologist. Ask how satisfied they were with their choice.

  • Use resources you have at hand. Don't forget about the phone book and internet search engines. You can always find a wealth of information with these two sources. The phone book will show not only a "Physicians and Surgeons" section but a "Physicians and Surgeons-Cardiology" section as well. For an Internet search, try using simple search times like "Cardiologist.". It's a good idea to input the name of the town as well. You should get several suggestions from this online query.

  • Choose the cardiologist that appears to be the best fit for your needs. You may need to visit multiple Cardiologists before you find one that you are comfortable with.

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When you choose a Cardiologist, you are also often choosing a hospital. Cardiologists have privileges. This means they are only permitted to practice in certain hospitals.  If you need hospitalization, you will be admitted where your Cardiologist practices. If you like the Cardiologist, but you have reservations about the hospital   where he   or she works,   that is   a consideration. Trust your gut feelings. Sometimes, you may distrust a doctor for no particular reason, If that is the case, you probably will not be able to build the type of doctor-patient relationship you need. Try someone else. Remember, though, that doctors are not infallible. Do not 'doctor shop' without a cause.

Make the most of the Cardiologist’s visits -

Too often, we await our visits with our Cardiologist with anticipation, only to discover afterwards that we have forgotten to ask about the most important thing that was bothering us. In order to have an effective relationship with your Cardiologist, you need to make every visit count. Here are tips on getting the most out of your doctor's visits -

  • Keep your Cardiologist informed. For example, if you have heart disease, you may very well suffer from angina. Tell your Cardiologist if you experience more frequent or intense chest pain, or such symptoms as shortness of breath or bodily swelling. Too often, patients are tempted to keep such information to themselves out of fear or worry.

  • Respect your Cardiologist's time. Your doctor should respect your time, and you, in turn, should respect his or hers. Your Cardiologist should not hurry you out of the clinic, but you should realize your Cardiologist's time is limited as well. If you want your Cardiologist's undivided attention to discuss a new, complicated course of treatment or lifestyle change, consider scheduling an extra appointment. This may be well worth the extra fee.

  • If you are interested in getting your Cardiologist's opinion on health news of interest, bring along the clippings. Resist the temptation to immediately call your Cardiologist every time you find something of interest, unless you see something which seems very important, like a warning issued on a drug you are taking.

  • Be pleasant. Remember, your Cardiologist may be having a stressful day as well. If your Cardiologist is continually rude or insensitive,     consider    another    Cardiologist.     But    an uncharacteristically, insensitive remark may signify nothing more than your Cardiologist having a bad day.

  • Consider your Cardiologist to be responsible for your medical care, but do not blame him for events beyond his control. Sometimes, a course of treatment may fail despite everyone's best effort.

Cardiologists in India work at hospitals where all equipment is state of the art and the best and most modern cardiac surgery equipment and techniques are used. The expertise of Indian Cardiac Surgeons is among the best in the world. Cardiologists in India are certified and widely recognized specialists so you can rest assured you are in the hand of the finest experts.

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