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Cosmetic Dental Treatment in India at world class dental clinics - video

Cosmetic dental treatment in India is provided at world class dental clinics of the country that is attracting many global patients. One of the main reasons why many international patients come to India for cosmetic dental treatment in India is because it is available at much lower price when compared to the West. Another reason is because there are a number of renowned dentists in India who are certified. Many patients come to India to get their Cosmetic dental treatment in India at advanced dental clinics of Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi. Medical tourism in India is earning great reputation for its world class facilities at an affordable cost budget and assisting its abroad patients well.

Cosmetic dental treatment is a sequence of treatment for the pulp of the tooth whose end result is the elimination of infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion. This set of procedures is commonly referred to as a root canal; root canals and their associated pulp chamber are the anatomical hollows within a tooth which are naturally inhabited by nerve tissue, blood vessels and a number of other cellular entities. The cosmetic dental treatment includes the complete removal of the affected structures, the subsequent cleaning, shaping and decontamination of these hollows with the use of tiny files and irrigating solutions and the obturation. The hollows of the decontaminated root canals are also filled with an inert filling, such as gutta percha and usually eugenol-based cement. After the surgery if the infection is spread at apex, root end surgery will be required.

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Symptoms -

  1. Prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold

  2. Tenderness to touch and chewing

  3. Discoloration of the tooth, swelling and drainage

  4. Tenderness in the lymph nodes as well as nearby bone and gingival tissues.

Causes for Cosmetic dental treatment

  1. Decay of the tooth

  2. Another cause is old metal filling that will shrink over time and decay

  3. Tooth fracture caused by clenching or grinding your teeth

  4. Having deep fillings done on the tooth

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In this video of cosmetic dental treatment the tooth is considered to be threatened because of decay and cracking. Pulpectomy is the main technique in cosmetic dental treatment. In pulpectomy the pulp tissue is removed to prevent the spreading of infection to the other teeth’s. To cure the infection and save the tooth, the dentist drills into the pulp chamber and removes the infected pulp by scraping it out of the root canals. The dentist drills a hole because he needs to know how long the canals are so he can make sure all the diseased tissue is removed and the entire canal is cleaned. Dentists use X-rays to determine the length of the canals or use an electric device called an apex locator. In the first procedure, your dentist will place a file into the canal he or she is measuring then take an X-ray to determine how close the file is to the end of the canal. An apex locator makes a calculation based on the resistance to a small electric current. This gives an accurate measurement of a root canal. After the canals have been measured, your dentist will use the specially designed instruments to clean out the diseased pulp. Once the holes are drilled, the dentist fills the cavity with an inert material and seals up the opening. This procedure is known as root canal therapy. With the removal of nerves and blood supply from the tooth is fitted with crown; this increases the prognosis of the tooth by six times.

For root canal treatment to be effective, all the canals within the tooth must be cleaned. Generally, the top front teeth have one canal, the bottom front teeth one or two canals, the premolars one or two, and the molars three or four canals. However, the location and shape of these canals can vary significantly.

The standard filling material in this type of cosmetic dental treatment is gutta-percha, a natural thermoplastic polymer of isoprene, which is melted and injected to fill the root canal passages. Barium is added to the isoprene so the material will be opaque to X-rays, allowing verification afterwards that the passages have been properly completely filled in, without voids.

Pain control medication may be used either before or after treatment. However, in some cases it may be very difficult to achieve pain control before performing a root canal. If the patient has an abscessed tooth, with a swollen area or fluid-filled gum blister next to the tooth, the pus in the abscess may contain acids that may inactivate any anesthesia injected around the tooth. It is best for the dentist to drain the abscess by cutting it to let the pus drain out. Releasing the pus releases pressure built up around the tooth; this pressure causes much pain. The dentist could also open up the tooth and let the pus drain through the tooth, and could leave the tooth open for a few days to help relieve pressure.

Sometimes the dentist performs preliminary treatment in the cosmetic dental treatment of the tooth by removing all of the infected pulp of the tooth and applying a dressing and temporary filling to the tooth. This is called a pulpectomy. The dentist may also remove just the coronal portion of the dental pulp, which contains 90% of the nerve tissue, and leave intact the pulp in the canals. This procedure, called a pulpotomy, tends to essentially eliminate all the pain. A pulpotomy may be a relatively definitive treatment for infected primary teeth. The pulpectomy and pulpotomy procedures eliminate almost all pain.

After removing as much of the internal pulp as possible, the root canals can be temporarily filled with calcium hydroxide paste. This strong alkaline base is left in for a week or more to disinfect and reduce inflammation in surrounding tissue. Ibuprofen taken orally is commonly used before or after the cosmetic dental treatment procedures to reduce inflammation.

After receiving a root canal, the tooth should be protected with a crown that covers the cusps of the tooth otherwise the tooth will almost certainly fracture, since root canals remove tooth structure from the tooth and undermine the tooth's structural integrity. Also root canal teeth tend to be more brittle than teeth not treated with a root canal. Placement of a crown or cusp-protecting cast gold covering is recommended because these have the best ability to seal the root canaled tooth. If the tooth is not perfectly sealed, the root canal may leak, causing eventual failure of the root canal. A tooth with a root canal treatment still has the ability to decay, and without proper home care and an adequate fluoride source the tooth structure can become severely decayed. Therefore it is very important to have regular X-rays taken of the cosmetic dental treatment to ensure that the tooth is not having any problems that the patient would not be aware of.

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Risks post cosmetic dental treatment -

  1. If the pulp is left in the canal the patient could still have pain

  2. If any area of the canal is not filled the patient could get an infection which might to lose his tooth.

  3. If you do not have a crown the tooth might break and would need to be pulled.

Hospitals providing cosmetic dental treatment in India are rapidly gaining ground in the international scenario as a popular destination for foreign travelers, international students for migrating to this mystical land for health and medical tourism. Various companies providing medical tourism in India is also providing a helping hand to all those who want to get cosmetic dental treatment in India with the best lodging and medical care amenities at Indian hospitals and clinics.

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