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Dental crowns in Goa - Save Time and Money by Choosing Experienced Professionals


Make your smile more beautiful with a cheap cost Dental crowns treatment in Goa. A specialist providing the dental crowns treatment in Goa can change your smile effectively, with the best international facilities provided at very affordable prices. You could now make your teeth get a better health and beauty that they deserve with a dental crowns treatment in Goa. Medical tourism in Goa provides access to world famous Indian Medical Institutions for dental procedures at a pocket friendly cost under some of the best dental surgeons of Goa.

What are Dental Crowns?

Simply put, dental crowns are either partial or full replacements for one or more of your teeth. They can be used to take the place of a damaged or discolored tooth, or repair a tooth that has been chipped or broken in any way.

Dental crowns can be fitted by any dentist, and are usually made from porcelain. You can also have a gold crown fitted should the mood take you. Dental crowns are an indirect method of tooth restoration, meaning that the dental crown can be crafted without the patient present, and then fitted at a later date. The benefit here is that the patient does not have to sit through a lengthy spell in the dentist's chair - which we all know can be a harrowing experience! A dentist will either use a dental bridge to attach the new crown to adjacent teeth, or will 'whittle down' the tooth which is being crowned into a peg shape then 'clip' the new crown on and bond it with long-lasting cement. Dental crowns can be fitted for either medical or cosmetic reasons. If a tooth has become damaged, a crown can effectively restore it to its former glory without anybody noticing the difference. Some people choose to have all of their teeth crowned as a way to gain that great smile they've always wanted; however this course of action is often very expensive. dental crowns India, dental crowns treatment India, dental surgeons India, dental hospitals India

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Types of Dental Crowns

There are three basic types of materials for dental crowns:

  1. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) dental crowns
  2. All porcelain dental crowns
  3. All metal dental crowns (Gold)

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) dental crowns and all porcelain crowns are tooth colored crowns. PFM dental crowns offer the best combination of aesthetics and durability. PFM dental crowns are usually used to restore back teeth where the forces of chewing and grinding are strongest. All porcelain crowns are the most aesthetic and are used primarily used for front teeth where the need for strength is not as critical. Gold dental crowns are the most durable and offer the most precise fit. Gold dental crowns do not chip.

What is the Procedure for Dental crown?

Typically, the Dental crown procedure is completed in two stages. During the first stage, the dentist removes portions of your natural tooth’s structure to accommodate the dental crown. Surrounding teeth may also be prepared in this way. An impression is made and sent to the lab, where your dental crown is created in about two weeks. A temporary crown will be in place between visits to ensure the most natural look and feel. When you return to the dentist’s office, the temporary crown is removed and your new, custom dental crown is securely bonded in place.

For some patients, the dental crown procedure is altered to meet specific goals. For example, if crowns are being utilized to anchor a dental bridge or as a dental implant restoration, the steps in the dental crown procedure will be slightly different. Also, teeth with extensive damage may require that a root canal be performed prior to placing the crown. Additionally, new technology has made it possible to complete some dental crown procedures in a single office visit. A consultation with your dentist can help you better understand the unique steps in your dental crown surgeons Goa, medical tourism Goa, dental treatment Goa

How much is a Dental crown?

Dental crown Prices vary from one clinic to another, which reflects the quality of the materials used. Prices are based upon the expertise and experience of the dentist, the reputation of the clinic, the materials used and the number of teeth you are having crowned.

If you have an NHS dentist then you will pay less for a crown. However, NHS dentists have to work within tight budgets which can mean a limited choice of crown and one that is made of a cheaper material.  If you choose to pay for private treatment then you will have a greater range to choose from, and ones that are made from superior materials.

Coming to India especially Goa would solve all the above problems in getting your Dental crown. In Goa, one will get affordable and cheap Dental crown without any waiting list to follow and the quality is as good as the quality one would get at the private clinics spending such huge amount.

Why to consider Goa for Dental crown?

Medical tourism offers team of expert who has brought satisfaction for lots of patients for Dental crowns in Goa. Various leading super specialty hospitals across the length and breadth of Goa offer modern treatments in the area of dentistry. There are numerous advantages of going to Goa for dental treatment. Medical tourism in Goa offer very competitive all inclusive packagesand it is the best value for money: affordable prices for the best quality Health access and multiple choices of destinations in Goa for relaxation and vacation. Indian Health Guru has access to the dental hospitals and surgeons in Goa.

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