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Mr. Charles, Nigeria
International Patient Videos

  Mr. Charles, Nigeria
Thyroidectomy Surgery



Video testimonial of thyroidectomy surgery at hospital of Mumbai in India

“I am Charles from Nigeria I came to India for a Thyroidectomy Surgery at Goa in India. I had a big mass on my neck for a very long time. The doctor told me that it was due to Hyperthyroidism disorder.  I was very much disturbed by it. I consulted my family doctor in Nigeria. He tried his best but didn’t get success in curing it. He himself suggested me to move on to India for a treatment. It was the great support and medical guidance of Indian Healthguru and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani that helped me to get a successful Thyroidectomy surgery at Goa in India as it was available there at a low cost as compared to other medical destinations. I contacted Indianhealthguru consultants and send them all my case details. I got a call from them it was Dr.Bojwani,  he explained me everything related to my surgery. It was really nice talking to him! I got the surgery dates from him after he consulted about me from one of his thyroidectomy surgeons of Goa. I traveled India with my cousin who was eager to visit India. I got the care and attention of one of the most cordial medical staff for my Thyroidectomy surgery at Goa in India. Indianhealthguru consultants arranged me the most luxurious kind of medical lodging. I was pleased with all the arrangements done by them. Everything was just perfectly alright. I met the surgeon he was very kind and caring. After meeting him, all the fear regarding complications and risks of Thyroidectomy surgery was gone in a second. I saw many patients from various foreign destinations getting medical treatment at the hospital. Thelow costof Thyroidectomy surgery at Goa in India was really affordable to me, as I saved a large amount, which was really a great deal for me. I thank Indianhealthguru consultants and Dr. Bojwani in a sincere way for all the care and support!”





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