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Executive Physical Exam


Your executive physical is customized to your individual health needs; it is as unique as you are. The first step in tailoring your exam is gathering information about your medical history and health concerns. We’ll send you a brief questionnaire that will help us focus your exam on your needs. It may also be helpful to have your prior medical record, which our staff can request directly from your regular doctor, with your approval. Once we review the information you provide and design your individual exam, we’ll send you a quote detailing the recommended diagnostic tests.

Most exams are completed in under four hours. To help make your time with us more comfortable, we’ll provide a room where your belongings can be safely stored and a meal that you can select in advance.

After a thorough medical review with the physician, you will undergo an extensive series of tests ranging from cardiac stress testing and cardiopulmonary assessment to bone densitometry and advanced laboratory analysis. Most of your diagnostic tests will be performed right in our executive physical suite. When advanced radiological testing is warranted, a member of our staff will escort you to the testing lab and help ensure your smooth course of care.

After your exam, we will schedule a follow-up visit (or phone call if your schedule will not accommodate another a visit) so the doctor can review your test results, answer your questions, and suggest any further follow-up testing or care that may be called for. We’ll mail you a complete packet of your results along with a synopsis written by the doctor. We will also send these results to your regular physician upon your request. Billing is coordinated through our office so you don’t have to sort through a variety of bills from different labs and specialists.

Throughout the entire process our friendly and professional staff is available to answer your questions and make arrangements to meet your special needs.

Base Executive Physical

Complete Medical History and Physical Exam
Physician conducted and reviewed; includes ultrasound survey of major arteries, structures of the neck, abdominal and pelvic organs.

Complete Laboratory Blood &. Urine Analysis
Extensive laboratory testing including CBC, metabolic profile, and TSH. CRP and homocysteine testing are recommended for men over 35 and women over 40.

Lipoprotein Profiling
Lipoprotein testing is recommended for men over 35 and women over 40. For the last twenty years, the most commonly used measurement of a person's risk of heart disease was a lipid panel that provides cholesterol information. With total cholesterol of less than 200, people were considered to be at low risk for heart disease. In fact, over 50% of people with normal cholesterol levels develop heart disease. Lipoproteins are better markers for assessing this risk because lipoproteins, NOT cholesterol cause heart disease. Lipoproteins are the carriers of cholesterol in the bloodstream. As the number of lipoproteins in the blood increases, so does a patient's risk of heart disease. The VAP® is a state-of-the-art blood test that measures the number of lipoproteins in the blood, and therefore assesses a patient's risk of developing heart disease. Lipoprotein profiling offers an advanced level of detection that overlays the traditional means of using a lipid panel to measure cholesterol. This combination provides an extremely reliable indicator of a patient's risk of heart disease.

Electrocardiogram (Resting)
Depicts cardiac electrical activity and rhythm to detect arrhythmias, CAD, enlargement and other conditions.

Pulmonary Function Test
Breathing/lung function test to determine health status of lungs.

Screening Eye Exam
Basic history & screening to detect potential problems.

Body Composition Analysis
Use of bioelectrical impedance to measure body fat percentage.

Physician Consultation &. Private MD Exam Report
Includes summary meeting and exit interview with physician to discuss exam results, wellness recommendations or referral, and a web-based electronic medical record (EMR) with 24 X 7 access.

All EXECUTIVE PHYSICALS include the following:

  • Extensive physical examination including a hands-on, physician-conducted ultrasound survey of the internal organs.
  • Evaluation of current and previous health issues.
  • Risk factor analysis.
  • Family, career, and social history review.
  • Spirometry (lung function test) with oxygen saturation.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) determination.
  • Cardiovascular fitness assessment by one of the area's most respected personal trainers.
  • Strength and flexibility evaluation and plan.
  • Nutritional analysis - learn the implications of your current diet, what changes would benefit you most, and how to actually alter your diet without compromising the pleasure of eating.
  • Photographic dermatological screening of suspicious skin lesions
  • Base Executive Physical - the most thorough physical examination you have ever had from one of the area's most respected physicians.
  • Your own Personal Health Plan - leave this experience with a book on your health, the things that place your life in jeopardy, and a plan to guide you to maximum vitality, productivity, and longevity.

Additional tests may be recommended as a part of the health exam based on individual needs. The patient is responsible for any charges not covered by their health insurance. In order to maintain a limited patient enrollment, ensure easy and direct access to doctors, and offer an array of services our members pay an annual membership fee.

Optional Follow-up

Approximately two weeks after your Executive Physical, you will have the opportunity to return to Private MD for a review and recommendations. This will include: a presentation of your Personal Wellness Plan; a discussion of your risk factors, actions steps and 12-month goals; preventative medicine counseling; a nutrition consultation; a discussion of your cardiovascular health; and a review of your EBT scans.


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