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Tanzanian Patient Success Story HIFU Surgery in Chennai India

Best quality HIFU surgery in Chennai –India comes with affordable price

Mr. Amwa HIFU Surgery HIFU surgery in Chennai-India is a good option for you because it is available at an affordable price at world class Indian hospitals. India has a lot to offer as far as medical tourism is concerned. This has made thousands of global patients coming to India from various places of the world for their medical treatments and surgeries. Unlike others, recently, Mr. Amwa from Tanzania got HIFU surgery in Chennai-India. He shares his experience with us.


I am Amwa from Tanzania. A few weeks ago, I had my HIFU surgery in Chennai-India I am very thankful to our medical service provider – The Indian Healthguru Group – for being so generous and encouraging. My life was all chaos when I first heard from my doctors that I was detected with prostate cancer, and I need a HIFU surgery. I couldn’t really believe this, but had to. On my wife’s suggestion, I tried looking over the internet, and luckily came in touch with the medical consultant Indian Healthguru Group, I discussed my case, and the executive reverted with expert opinion and offered affordable price package pertaining to HIFU Surgery in Chennai-India.

He explained the concept of HIFU Surgery. The HIFU treatment consists of aiming ultrasound energy into the prostate cancer from a probe in the rectum. I understood the HIFU treatment procedure, wherein it is given with an anaesthetic over a single session as a day case. The best part is that HIFU treatment procedure can be performed with minimal impact to the patient. The energy can be delivered accurately to within 2mm, this means that it is possible to give nerve sparing treatment and hence preserve erections. Similarly if the treatment has pierced the prostate capsule as seen on the CT/MRI scan extra energy can be delivered to this area.

The HIFU treatment procedure is new but has been approved for use in primary prostate cancer and prostate cancer which has come back after radiotherapy by the HIFU surgery Hospital in Chennai India. After this session, I couldn’t afford to miss this chance of having my HIFU surgery in Chennai-India. I gave my consent; Indian Healthguru Group took care of everything. They made our journey so comfortable and safe. Soon I reached for my HIFU surgery in Chennai-India, the arrangements seemed perfect. So as discussed above, things just went the same, and I was up and running in no time. After a couple of weeks, I returned to my normal life, and I sincerely thank the folks of Indian Healthguru Group and the medical team who performed my HIFU surgery in Chennai-India.

Thank you,

Mr. Amwa,

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