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Smile Makeover Surgery India

Plan your Smile Makeover Surgery in India with Indian Healthguru Consultants

Smile Makeover Surgery in India is a cosmetic and dental procedure that rejuvenates the lips, teeth and cheeks. It is done by a dentist or a maxillofacial surgeon in India. Indian Healthguru is a medical value provider in India having association with the best surgeons and hospitals, providing world-class treatment at affordable rates.

How things function at Indian Healthguru Group:

  • Basic facilities: Indian Healthguru helps in arrangement of medical visa, to and fro airport service, accommodation, meals, appointment with surgeon, lab tests etc.
  • Qualified panel: Indian Healthguru has network of the best surgeons and hospitals, providing supreme healthcare in India.
  • Affordable: What is the Smile Makeover Surgery Costs in India? The expenses incurred in the entire travel for the smile makeover surgery in India are nearly 30% of that in most Western countries..
  • Professionalism: We maintain highest ethics in providing the treatments and the procedures are followed with transparency.
  • Other services: Our group also takes care of facilities like providing health meals as prescribed by your doctor, planning vacation in India, rejuvenation, rehab facilities.

Smile Makeover Surgery:

Smile Makeover Surgery India Low Cost Benefits A Smile makeover surgery is a cosmetic and dental procedure that rejuvenates the lips, teeth, and cheeks. Depending on the extent of the work to be done, a smile makeover can be performed by either a dentist, maxillofacial surgeon, or both. The most common elements of a smile makeover are tooth repair and replacement, whitening, braces, and lip and cheek injections. These procedures transform your smile and take away the obvious aging shown by your teeth; hence they are called smile makeovers. It’s important for those undergoing these procedures to remember that it involves Smile makeover surgery and is more complicated than just getting whiter teeth.

Smile Makeover Surgery Success Rate:

The success rate of Smile makeover surgery is 99% and depends on various factors like:

  • Previous condition
  • Overall health of the patient
  • Type of procedure to be performed
  • Experience of the surgeon

Smile Makeover Surgery Candidates:

Low Cost Smile Makeover Surgery India Smile makeover surgery candidates are those who

  • Want to improve the appearance
  • Have healthy teeth and gums. Patients who have deeper dental problems may be candidates for a full mouth restoration or rehabilitation.
  • Understands the smile makeover process, its benefits and limitations Suffers from teeth discoloration due to disease or lifestyle
  • Suffers from gaps between teeth, both large and small
  • Has unusually shaped or misshapen teeth
  • Has broken or chipped teeth
  • Has a "gummy" smile

Any combination of these characteristics means you may be a good candidate for a smile makeover.

Smile Makeover Surgery Preparations:

For best results, patients should some preparations before having the Smile makeover surgery procedure done.

  • First, be sure to have a thorough evaluation done. This is true whether you go in for dental implants, or teeth whitening dental implant specialists strongly advise. You need to get a complete dental exam with X-rays and models of your mouth before proceeding.
  • Next, make sure to tell your dentist about any existing medical conditions you may have. It's important he know if you have any orthopedic implants, heart or vascular problems.
  • You may need to take antibiotics before getting the dental implants. After that, go through your dental implant procedure plan with your dentist and make certain sure you know exactly what to expect during all steps in the procedures.
  • Other preparations to make include quit smoking and excessive drinking before going in for the surgery. Both activities are detrimental to your health and can actually lead to the dental implant procedure failing, which will nullify any benefits you may otherwise achieve through this surgery.
  • Also, avoid eating or drinking for at least six hours before your dental implant appointment. Certain foods can interfere with the procedure itself and post-operative recovery.
  • Remember to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing on the day of your surgery. Since you will be sedated, it's important to be comfortable for the whole procedure from start to finish.

Smile Makeover Surgery Types:

Low Cost Smile Makeover Benefits India Here are different types of Smile makeover surgery procedures:

  • Tooth Whitening: is a painless, non-invasive treatment. It is a great starter procedure if you are new to cosmetic dentistry and want to see what it can do for you to restore the shine and beauty of your smile, even minimizing the appearance of small imperfections. low cost smile makeover India
  • Porcelain Veneers: is a very thin, customized covers for the front tooth surfaces. They are one of the most popular and effective procedures offered by cosmetic dentists.
  • Dental Bonding: covers flaws and protects your teeth using a white composite resin. It is a pliable substance which hardens into a sturdy restoration and blends well with your natural tooth enamel. The shape and color of your teeth can be improved, and damage can be repaired all in one procedure.
  • CEREC Crowns: pertains to a quick restoration of damaged teeth using a durable ceramic material that matches the natural color of teeth in your mouth.
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Recovery after Smile Makeover Surgery:

  • While some of the dental procedures only take a few hours or days to achieve and recover from, the others may take time to heal, recover and see the final result.
  • Teeth alignment with the use of braces may take months and even years to see the overall effect of the procedure. Application of veneers, crowns and inlays/onlays may only take days to weeks.
  • The different stages and steps, risks and recovery period of a full smile makeover will be discussed with you by the dentist.
  • Expect some aches and pains here and there during the recovery process. Prescription pain relievers can take away the pain and common home remedies such as warm water gargles and use of soft toothbrush can help during this stage.
  • A few visits to the dentist during and after your smile makeover process is essential to achieve the final goal. The last step will be the final assessment and you are ready to smile your way back home.

Smile Makeover Surgery Benefits:

  • Smile makeovers do make a difference in anybody’s life and has couple of benefits. There are health benefits as well as aesthetic ones.
  • The health benefits include less risk of overloaded or worn down teeth, and teeth that are easier to clean and care for. Teeth that have been straightened, repaired or replaced mean less risk of decay and infections.
  • On the aesthetic side of things, your teeth will look and feel so much better. You will have a clear, white smile which will improve your confidence and well being.
  • A smile makeover can help to restore the youthful beauty of your entire face, and even improve your posture.
  • A beautiful smile will boost your self-confidence.
  • Treating underlying dental problems restores and preserves your dental health, which gives a strong foundation for dental beauty.
  • In the long run it is good for your overall health, too. Patients often report a pride in their new smile as well as feeling more confident in social or work related situations.

Smile Makeover Surgery Complications:

Complications with a Smile makeover surgery are practically non-existent. It is relatively a painless process although some patients find that they do experience some ‘shooting’ pains during or after treatment. If this does happen then they will settle down after a couple of days. If you are prone to sensitive teeth then you may find that this treatment does cause you to feel some twinges afterwards. Thus there are no known complications associated with a Smile makeover surgery as long as you take care of your oral hygiene.

Smile Makeover Surgery India:

  • India offers various facilities to foreign patients so that they can acquire low cost Smile makeover surgery in India with international healthcare facilities.
  • Medical tourism in India also offers holiday packages to foreign patients so that after their surgery they can visit to tourist places for their relaxation and comfort.
  • Having a Smile makeover surgery in India is quiet easy and affordable, you get first- class dental treatment with most advanced facilities in India at par or better than Europe.
  • Medical tourism in India provides the best services one can get at low cost.
  • Post Smile makeover surgery patient can visit exotic beaches of Goa and Kerala which are renowned for its natural beauty. Kerala is also famous for pure form of Ayurveda and spas for rejuvenation and other Ayurvedic cosmetic procedures.

Smile makeover surgery in India is available in following cities;

Mumbai Hyderabad Kerala
Delhi Pune Goa
Bangalore Nagpur Jaipur
Chennai Gurgaon Chandigarh

Ms. Elizabeth Malate from Mozambique shares her experience of Smile Makeover Surgery done in India

smile makeover surgery India uaslow cost benefits experience
Ms. Elizabeth Malate from Mozambique

I had braces as a kid and somehow after my braces were removed, it disrupted the shape of my lips a bit that made my smile look weird for which I was bullied a lot. I used to feel so much uncomfortable while smiling that most of my teenage pictures are captured me having a straight face so when I grew up and realized that it is affecting my confidence at work, I decided to go for a smile makeover surgery. I had heard about it but I did not which doctors in India would be the best for it, because I couldn’t take the risk of ruining my face anymore. The surgeons at Indian Health Guru really proved me the right choice and I can say that smilingly.

Cost of Smile Makeover Surgery in India:

Smile makeover is an elective cosmetic surgery. Therefore, the expense of this procedure most likely not is covered by your insurance company. You will be required to pay the entire amount in full, or have the total amount financed. In the US, the total cost may be $20,000 or more, and up to £15,000 in the UK, depending upon the procedure you choose and the amount of enhancement your surgeon performs. The cost of smile procedure in India is less than 1/ 4th than that at London and New York. The scope of Smile makeover surgery in India is increasing day by day due to its low cost and better healthcare facilities.

Smile Makeover Surgery in India-Go with Indian Healthguru Group:

Smile makeover surgery in India is offered to international patients, by Indian Healthguru Group with best services that too at low cost. In addition to medical services, it also provides complete transport, travel, accommodation and tourist assistance to the patient and his family. Patient just has to send a query and he/ she will be assisted by one of the executives within 24 hours. And all the arrangement will be done as per the patient’s convenience.

Some of the common countries from which patients travel to India for surgery are:

AustraliaNew ZealandNigeria
Sri LankaBangladeshPakistan

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