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Giving Vision to Life with a Perfect Solution to Glaucoma

Mr. Moriba Kamara - Nigeria
Eye Treatment in India

Mr. Moriba Kamara, a citizen of Sierra Leone, began to suffer from a simple headache that grew severe. Gradually that pain went to eyes. His eyes started to feel heavy. Each part of the body is significant in its own particular way but one can manage though.

Nonetheless, when it comes to eyes, it can become unbearable if one’s vision becomes hazy. And sometimes his vision too got blur and he was unable to see things properly. With a life changing impact on the lifestyle of an individual, loss of vision or blurred vision brings much pain and discomfort. However, when this is associated with nausea, vomiting, and headache, it becomes important to seek help and advice from an ophthalmologist. That’s what Mr Moriba did when he discovered such symptoms and also at times used to visualize a seven color rainbow like circles under extreme bright lights.

When he showed up to a doctor in his city, he got to know that these symptoms are of acute angle closure glaucoma. The doctor told him that this sort of eye treatment was not available in his country. It was discovered that he was suffering from Glaucoma, a kind of disease that causes an increase in eye pressure. Sometimes it leads to the damage of the optic nerve.

Mr. Moriba could not deferral the treatment for this eye disease. He was seeking abrupt care from an ophthalmologist. His first cousin also had some issues with his eyes and he got his treatment done from India in Bangalore. Therefore his first cousin recommended him about Indian Healthguru. He praised a lot about their assistance and support. Mr. Moriba without wasting any time contacted Indian Healthguru to find a stress-free track to India.

The medical tourism company in India benefitted him with fine assistance. From taking an appointment with the doctor to the airport pick up and drop facility and the hotel reservation, everything was done by the assistant. The team at Indian Healthguru made his visit stress free. He, along with his cousin first visited the doctor as per his appointment was organized. He spoke to the doctor regarding all the signs and his sufferings.

For further examination, the doctor suggested for some tests like tonometry, ophthalmoscopy, perimetry, gonioscopy, and pachymetry. The doctor scheduled a date for the surgery after reviewing all the reports.

Mr. Moriba and his cousin were fretful before the surgery. Their wait got over and finally, the day of surgery appeared. The other staff gave them emotional support. That warmth reduced Mr. Moriba’s nervousness. The doctor solaced him and said he would be fine soon. Continuous prayers were going on in his cousin’s heart. The surgery took around 2 hours. The doctor came out of the operation theatre with a smile and his cousin’s name. The surgery was prosperous but certain precautions had to be taken and for a few days, he had to stay in the hospital for some annotations.

He got discharged in 3-4 days. He and his cousin were content and they thanked the staff of the hospital that was extremely caring and supportive to them and the doctor who not only gave an assurance for his good health but also treated him well. With some good wishes from the doctor and his team, now Mr. Moriba is living a painless life with a clear vision.

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