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Nigerian Patient Success Story Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Mumbai India

Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Mumbai and Delhi – Now avail World class, advanced, high quality medical solutions

Mrs. Babarinde Total Knee Replacement Surgery Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai and Delhi is gaining popularity among the foreign medical tourists. Here they can avail world class, advanced and high quality medical solutions. Moreover, apart from all these factors, the international patients get Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai and Delhi or any medical treatments at best affordable price tag. Indian Healthguru Group - a medical tourism company is pioneer in arranging and managing such treatments on day to day basis. Thousands of foreign patients fly to India due to the above said factors. Unlike many others, recently, Mrs. Babarinde from Nigeria had her Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai. She shares her experiences of undergoing her treatment in Mumbai. Read on to know more about it.

Hello! Do you all know about the Indian hospitality system, well I consider it the best in the world. Infact I am fortunate enough to experience them while having my Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai-India. Before I proceed with this story of getting this wonderful treatment in India, let me introduce you all. I am Mrs. Babarinde, I am a Nigerian citizen. Last month I had my successful Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai. I am really obliged to my medical consultant – Indian Healthguru Group for working out my entire visit to India for my surgery. Otherwise the kind of distress I was engulfed with was difficult to handel. My knee pain really made me unnerved and my whole life had gone for a toss. Meanwhile I consulted my doctor, who suggested me to have my Total Knee replacement surgery, however, with so many efforts; I couldn’t find any solution back at my place.

I had no option but to rely on my Total Knee replacement surgery abroad. I asked my husband to browse for some viable options. He did some research in finding some answers to my problem. With a substantial research, he came in touch with Indian Healthguru Group, wherein he located good packages pertaining to my Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai and Delhi. He called them up, discussed my case, shared my medical history, and soon gave our consent to have my Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai. We booked our tickets and reached Mumbai for my Total Knee replacement surgery.

In India, things were arranged and scheduled as per the discussion we had earlier and just had to follow everything as per the schedule. Everything pertaining to my Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai was seen working, right from the doctor to the hospital, everything was chalked out before my arrival to India. I was really pleased to see the commitment and quality delivered to the foreign patients by them. The doctors, nurses, staff were at par with excellence and were always there for you. I am really amazed to see such a wonderful treatment given by the Indians.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery involves exposure of the front of the knee, with detachment of part of the quadriceps muscle (vastus medialis) from the patella. The patella is displaced to one side of the joint allowing exposure of the distal end of the femur and the proximal end of the tibia. The ends of these bones are then accurately cut to shape using cutting guides oriented to the long axis of the bones. The cartilages and the anterior cruciate ligament are removed; the posterior cruciate ligament may also be removed but the tibial and fibular collateral ligaments are preserved. Metal components are then impacted onto the bone or fixed using polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) cement. A round ended implant is used for the femur, mimicking the natural shape of the bone. On the tibia the component is flat, although it often has a stem which goes down inside the bone for further stability. A flattened or slightly dished high density polyethylene surface is then inserted onto the tibial component so that the weight is transferred metal to plastic not metal to metal. During the Total Knee Replacement Surgery any deformities must be corrected, and the ligaments balanced so that the knee has a good range of movement and is stable. In some cases the articular surface of the patella is also removed and replaced by a polyethylene button cemented to the posterior surface of the patella. In other cases, the patella is replaced unaltered.

After my Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai I was discharged within 3 days, and soon returned to Nigeria, with a rehabilitation program to follow as instructed by my surgeon. I abided those and took medicines as and when required. Now after 6 weeks of time following my Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai I am back to my daily chores and so to a normal life.  I thank you all the medical team and the executives of Indian Healthguru Group, who put their best for my Total Knee replacement surgery in Mumbai. Certainly such surgeries and treatments are inexpensive as compared to the western countries. In India, we have clinics with state to the art equipments and well trained experienced doctors to match the best of international standards. And I really thank my medical consultant for arranging them all with utter professionalism.

Thank you,

Mrs. Babarinde,

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