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Nigerian Patient Experience Holmium Laser Surgery in India

Holmium laser surgery in India: a good solution for prostate patients

Mr Edwin Holmium Laser Surgery Holmium laser surgery in India is a good solution for you if you happen to be a prostate patient. India has a lot of better options with medical treatment coming in low cost to high quality treatment. This has made thousands of global patients coming to India from various places of the world for their medical treatments and surgeries. Unlike others, recently, Mr. Edwin from Nigeria got Holmium laser surgery in India. He shares his experience with us.


I am Edwin from Nigeria. A few weeks ago, I had my Holmium laser surgery in India, I am very thankful to our medical service provider – The Indian Healthguru Group – for being so generous and encouraging. My life was a big mess, when I first heard from my doctors that I was detected with prostate cancer, and I need a Holmium laser surgery. I couldn’t really believe this, but had to. On my son’s suggestion, I tried looking over the internet, and luckily came in touch with the medical consultant -Indian Healthguru Group, I discussed my case, and the executive reverted with expert opinion offering affordable price packages pertaining to Holmium laser surgery in India.

Holmium laser surgery is the latest modality used in the management of Enlarged Prostate. In this procedure, a 550 Micron Fibre attached to a 100-Watts Holmium Laser machine is used to remove obstructive prostatic tissue and seal blood vessels. The enucleated gland is then pushed into the bladder, which is later sucked out with the help of an equipment called Morcellator. The whole procedure takes around 45-90 minutes, depending on the size of the gland. This procedure is nearly bloodless as the laser beam when cuts the gland also seals the blood vessels. In most of the cases there is no need for blood transfusion. At the end of Holmium laser surgery, a catheter is inserted to keep the bladder in place. It continuously drains the urine into a sterile collection bag.

After knowing about the above through the executive of Indian Healthguru, I couldn’t afford to miss this chance of having my Holmium laser surgery in India. I gave my nod; Indian Healthguru Group took care of everything. They made my journey comfortable and safe. Soon I reached for my Holmium laser surgery in India, the arrangements seemed perfect. So as discussed above, things just went the same, it took an hour or so in my Holmium laser surgery in India. No bloods, no pain, with the catheter kept for 24 hrs and I was discharged soon. After a couple of weeks, I returned to my normal life, and I sincerely thank the folks of Indian Healthguru Group and the medical team who performed my Holmium laser surgery in India.

Thank you,

Mr Edwin,

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