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Kuwait Patient Testimonial Male Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in Hyderabad India

Male Vasectomy Reversal is by far the cheapest fertility treatment available at Bangalore and Hyderabad

Mr. Elier Cardona Male Vasectomy Reversal Surgery Mr. Elier Cardona had vasectomy surgery and later wanted to get back his fertility and the doctors in Kuwait had suggested him for Male vasectomy reversal. He had no hope for the treatment in his own country because of the inadequate Medical facilities and insurgent situation. Mr. Elier cardona decided to travel to India and get the surgery done. On going through internet he found about Indian Healthguru Group and it was the best in India for medical tourism. He contacted Indian Healthguru Group for his Male Vasectomy Reversal in Bangalore or Hyderabad and furthermore everything was easy for him.


This is Elier Cardona from Kuwait contented with the service provided by Indian healthguru Group as I am fine now after my Male vasectomy reversal surgery in Hyderabad. I couldn’t get the treatment done in Kuwait so I was looking for better option and my doctor suggested me to get Male vasectomy reversal in India as it’s the best medical tourism hub. So from internet I found out about Indian Healthguru Group. I contacted the company through their website and its assistants helped me in getting my Male vasectomy reversal in Hyderabad. They managed to get doctors appointment, accommodation and other thing required during our stay in India for my Male vasectomy reversal. After I travelled to Hyderabad, one of the assistant met me at an airport and accompanied me to the hotel who also acted as a guide who showed me all the historical places that came on our way to the hotel. Next day we met one of finest surgeon in Hyderabad who resolved all our queries related to the surgery. Hospital was equipped with all the modern amenities and staff out there was highly educated and caring. Male Vasectomy Reversal Surgery demands a high level of skill and experience from a reputed microsurgeon to be successful.

Male vasectomy reversal surgery procedure is performed with a general anesthesia so that the patient feels no discomfort whatsoever, and the surgeon may perform his delicate procedure with no disruptive movements by the patient. The surgery is performed in a state of the art outpatient surgery center with a dedicated microsurgical suite. There is access to an andrology laboratory for the purposes of sperm freezing during the surgery when In a typical vasectomy reversal surgery, scarred tissue ends are micro-surgically removed and the fluid from the testicular side of the vas is analyzed for color, consistency, volume of the fluid, presence or absence of sperm and quality of sperm.

All through the procedure as well as after the reversal heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, oxygen level and degree of sedation are monitored. Care is taken by the microsurgeon to inflict the very least trauma to the surrounding tissues, minimizing postoperative pain and recovery time.

Post Male vasectomy reversal in Hyderabad I was shifted to another room and was there in the hospital for a day. I would definitely recommend Indian Healthguru Group for Male vasectomy reversal in Hyderabad as they provide service to the patient that is best. Surgeons here in Hyderabad are trained abroad and have ample experience. Indian medical tourism is growing at a fast pace with the building of many international hospitals across India. That’s why many international patients are attracted towards India for the treatment. The surgery Hospital of Hyderabad is of international standard with latest medical gadgets and best medical staff. Post treatment I have no complains and I am living my normal life. So if you are looking for Male vasectomy reversal in Bangalore or Hyderabad then go for Indian Healthguru Group.

Thank you,

Mr. Elier Cardona,

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