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Kidney Stone Surgery Testimonials

Diagnosed with kidney stones, Reece Leo from Montana wanted to get the best cure at an affordable cost. When he came across Indian Health Guru website while surfing on the Internet. Following a number of questions and concerns all answered to her satisfaction, where he was promised to remove the stone in a bloodless laser-aided operation at less than half the fee quoted by other hospitals, his prayers were answered. He booked with Indian Health Guru Consultants and flew out to India, I could ever have hoped for: Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani from Indian Health Guru Consultants assisted me in getting the kidney stone surgery in India. I was afraid of having the surgery, but his kindness and compassion reassured me. He truly cared about me and I had total confidence in his skill. I was in the hospital only three days and had minimal pain. I was provided with all the guidelines I needed to follow and invited to call anytime I had a question or concern.

The cost of all above treatment & medication were most reasonable & I want to convey my appreciation for all the help given to my family & me. “I cannot thank the wonderful hospital and staff enough for my excellent treatment. I am happy to recommend them to anyone and also would like to acknowledge the help and support of the Indian Health Guru Consultants ‘s team whose liaison officers frequent visits to my bedside and to support and see me.” 


Reece Leo 

My name is Rachel Alda, I had bad stomach pains and started urinating blood. I rushed to Emergency Room. There they kept me over night and I was released diagnosed with kidney stones.. It had gotten to the point where I was ready to try anything and everything. When my friend recommended Indian Health Guru Consultants As her got her treatment in India through them. After going through their website and taking to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani I decided to go to India for my Kidney Stone Removal Surgery.

We were picked by the car and taken to the hospital. The treatment there was excellent. The doctors and nurses were lovely and the hospital was very clean. There was no language problem as people spoke English with us. The whole experience has been really good”

I am so very pleased Indian Health Guru Consultants arranged for me to go India with just a phone call of mine. If I ever have an opportunity, I will recommend your services that need surgery in India.

Rachel Ald


"I've suffered from kidney stones for the last 5 years. I researched all possible treatments for kidney stones - conventional and natural. A friend of mine after doing my research on Internet recommended Indian Health Guru Consultants to me. India Health Guru Consultants exceeded my expectations from the very beginning

The post-op care was exceptional and I actually enjoyed my stay in India, I cannot say enough about the care Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and his staff provided in making the entire process pleasant and stress-free.

I have and will continue to recommend you to all of my friends who are considering Kidney stone surgery.”

Elliot Simon





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