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Central African Patient’s Happy Visit for Dental Implant in India

Central African Patient’s Happy Visit for Dental Implant in India

Dental implant treatment – Dr TarunGiroti

I am a big foodie and enjoy trying various types of cuisines. My favourite is anything that is sweet. This inclination for sweets and habit of snacking rubbed me wrongly when one day I felt a terrible pain in teeth. I was not able to even nibble and drinking cold things felt like a sword cutting through the jaw. Thanks to the best treatment for dental problems available that now I am having a sturdy set of teeth even at the age of 67.

You certainly don’t know me and I sincerely apologize for not introducing myself before starting my story. I actually became all excited about telling my experience, so pardon the clumsiness of this old man! I am Roger from Chad. I am a father of two, my wife passed away when I was 50. I have been taking care of my kids all by myself since her demise. This is why eating leftovers of my kids became a normal part of my eating habit. And that explains why I used to eat a lot of sweets. But one fine day everything changed.

I started almost howling in pain one day while brushing my teeth. The next thing I saw was blood on my brush. I became a bit worried and decided to see my dentist in Chad. She asked me to come after about 3 days. I tried to self-medicate by popping some painkiller. My pain subsided but eating was still painful. Anyway, I met my dentist on the day of the appointment.

She asked me various things such as:

  • Since when was I experiencing the pain in teeth?
  • What foods I normally eat?
  • What are my dental hygiene habits?
  • Since when have I been noticing bleeding from teeth?

I answered all these questions accordingly. She told me to get a few tests done which included –an x-ray of the teeth and did the complete dental exam. She told me that I will require dental implants on the right side of my teeth set when she evaluated my condition and x-ray reports. She showed me how bad my teeth condition was and the infection was likely to spread to the whole gum. When left unattended or uncured, the gum infection can lead to many other diseases.

I could not digest that this simple pain in teeth and gum will turn out to be such huge problem. I certainly did not want to get any surgery done as it would have affected my whole routine. She gave me a few anti-biotics to manage the situation but insisted to get the implant treatment done at the earliest. My kids at that time were 12 and 10 years old respectively, they were living with me. I, however, had a helping hand in the form of their maternal granny who used to take care of them when I was not around.

I enquired about the dental implant procedure in Chad. Its price was too high. The dental implant surgeon was not available in large numbers in my city, so waiting time was too long. I felt that that was the end of my eating days. I discussed my situation with my closest friend who had been with me through thick and thin. He told me that there is an option available if I am willing. I asked him what it was. He said I could go to India for dental implant treatment. He shared that her sister’s mother-in-law got it done from India. I asked why he was suggesting so.

He told me various things about medical tourism. Firstly, it was Affordable dental treatment in India than in my country. It cost about 60% of what we had to incur in Chad. Secondly, the medical tourism companies did everything required for taking the treatment for Indian doctors. They make it as simple as visiting the doctor in the home country and getting treatment. The third most important thing was that the quality of treatment that he found was exceptionally good. He said that doctors are well-qualified and the best in the field. The medical tourism companies have tie-ups with the Best dental surgeon in India, who do surgeries on a regular basis and have provided the cure for all sorts of diseases of the teeth.

Medical tourism in India now is a full-grown concept. People from all parts of the world come down to this country for various kinds of treatments. The cost of treatments is appreciably low and the quality of treatments is world-class. It takes just a few months to get everything arranged and the patients coming under medical tourism program are treated on priority. They are assigned the Top Dentist in India for their medical conditions and the hospitals also are of super-specialty nature. It is reported that about millions of medical cases have been referred to India and solved under medical tourism program.

It really made me sit up and take notice. I started searching for medical tourism companies over the web. I was really taken aback by the quality of work done by these organizations. Millions of causes related to dentistry, cardiac, arthritis, neuro, infertility and others have been treated by Indian doctors with the help of medical tourism. The numbers really comforted me and I made up my mind to give it a try. I discussed it with my mother-in-law who showed me full support. Moving kids to her place was a normal thing for us, so all I needed to do was prepare for Dental Implant Treatment in India.

I selected a few medical tourism companies and talked to them. One that made me most comfortable was India health guru consultants. They were very prompt in taking calls and quite trained to tackles cases like mine. They referred me to a lady who spoke to me at length answering all my queries. I asked her:

  • What support India health guru consultants offer to the patients taking treatments in India?
  • Which doctor will be treating me?
  • How long the whole procedure will take place?

She answered all my questions quite patiently and in detail. She told me:

  • India health guru arranges everything pertaining to my travel, stay and surgery. They assist the patients in the best possible way
  • They will be forwarding my reports to Top 5 Dentist in India, I will be selecting one of them.
  • She told me that wait time depends upon the readiness of my documents. All surgeries of foreign patients are done on priority. In my case, she suggested it to be about two months.

She said that we could start the process right then. She asked me to send the reports to the email ID which she was sending me over WhatsApp. I noted the email ID, collected my documents and reports and sent all requisite stuff to her in the next three days. She, meanwhile, kept in touch with me and solved all my queries regarding the country, the people, weather conditions, hospitals, etc. She suggested me a few hospital names also to research upon and gave me the list of doctors she would be sending the reports to. I, finally, sent my reports and documents to her. And started reading about the hospitals and doctors.

I wanted to know if there was any alternative to the dental implant. She took about three days to come back to me. She confirmed that doctors in India, too, were suggesting full dental implant. She asked me if I had any heart disease or was on any medication of any kind. I told her the name of antibiotics that I was put on. Thankfully, I do not have any medical problems to deal with. So, surgery was a quite safe and easy solution for me, as per the Best dental surgeon in India.

I researched about dental implant treatment providers and selected Dr. Tarun Giroti Top Dentist in India. He had the experience of about 20 years in the field of dentistry. He had a long list of successful surgeries done and there was not a single complaint about him. He was practising in the capital of India, New Delhi. I conveyed my decision to the lady from India health guru. She appreciated my decision and said that he is the right choice. He was available in New Delhi, the capital of India, which was directly connected to my home city through air route. It made me very comfortable about going to India.


I sent all the documents related to travel formalities and stay to India health guru representative. She got my travel arranged in about two months’ time. I kept in touch about the progress and she never ever got irritated by my volley of questions or follow-ups. My friend also shared that he was the same doctor that her sister consulted for her mother-in-law. It gave me a lot of confidence.

Finally, on 13th November 2016, I came to India. The weather here was pleasant as compared to my city during this time. I was amazed by the way people here were warm and welcoming. Besides, GS Healthcare people had given me a detailed overview of what to expect in India. I had packed things accordingly and their explaining things in advance made me quite confident in reaching India. I had got a medical visa done for my friend and for me as he agreed to be with me at the time of surgery.

We both reached the airport and India health guru representative picked us up from there. He was a very friendly and sincere guy and asked me a lot many things such as my eating preferences, sleeping habits, medical needs, etc. He took us to an exquisite hotel which was quite near to the hospital where I was to meet Dr. Giroti Top Dentist in Delhi. The hotel was plush and fully equipped to provide us with a feel at home experience. We had a dedicated concierge that took care of porter services, luggage transfers, intracity travels and others. India health guru representative was also there to guide the people serving to us.

On 14th November 2016, I went to see the doctor. He was well on time and did not make us wait at all. He had planned to spend a lot of time with me as he was quite relaxed and was talking very patiently. He asked me to get a few tests done which were done in the hospital and said there was nothing to worry about after doing my dental exam. He said that dental implant treatment is quite common these days and told me in detail about the types of implants available and the surgery applicable.

He shared that the dental implants procedure is a lengthy process. It takes six months at least to complete the whole process. It required me coming to India 2-3 times in a span of about two years. It was quite manageable for me as the medical visa conditions were quite supportive of this arrangement.

When the reports came, the hospital informed me and fixed the appointment. The doctor evaluated the report and shared very important things about it. He told me:

  • I required a full dental implant
  • The implants used would be endosteal implants
  • And that my jawline and gums were strong enough to hold the implants.

He suggested me to cut on sweets and asked me to maintain dental hygiene by giving me a few very useful tips. He made note of all types of allergies, if I had, asked me other things about my medical history. The meeting went very well and he said, “dental implant will be no problem for me, and will surely help me have the best results.” I slept like a baby that night. I and my friend asked when surgery was possible to do. He said, “I will do it on a top priority basis.” India health guru representative booked the surgery date and completed related procedures and finally, the day of surgery came. I was following all points related to the pre-surgery care religiously as I wanted all efforts not to go waste.

The doctor met me again before surgery and asked me if I had any questions. I asked:

  • Are there any risks associated with the procedure?
  • How long the procedure takes place?
  • What are the after-effects of the procedure?

The doctor explained to me about endosteal implants in a detailed manner. He told me:

  • The endosteal implant is the most commonly used procedure for giving Dental Implant Treatment in India
  • He said that since a full dental implant is being done, it will take about three hours. It was a minimally invasive way of dental implantation and so the risks were negligible too.
  • The after-effect of the procedure will be healthy teeth-set which I had to maintain with good foods and healthy eating habits.

He showed me how dental implants looked like. He shared some very important information about dental implants. He shared that dental implants are a more permanent and sustainable solution as compared to dentures. The implantation is done using titanium implants which are of very high quality. These titanium implants fuse with the jaw bone through the process of ossification. The surgery included the making of the posts and creating abutments. In the case of some patients, the abutment process is done about a few months after the creation of posts, but in my case, it was possible to do both of them together. He also showed me an explainer video and with the help of charts and diagrams, he explained the surgery and guided me about implants sufficiently. All of this made me relaxed and I was mentally prepared to go under the knife.

He explained to me the role of dental implants. These are the replacement for natural teeth and perform all the functions as done by the natural teeth. It also looked better aesthetically. The jaws and gums are protected from any kind of infection when the implantation is done.He told me I was the right candidate for dental implants because:

  • Infected teeth had not created weakness of gums
  • I had full grown jaw bone being an adult
  • I had an adequate bone to secure the implant
  • My oral tissues were healthy
  • I had no medical conditions hampering the fixing of implants.

Dr. Giroti was very happy with my state and was fully confident of delivering the best results with the help of dental implants. He asked me certain things to do before surgery which I had followed easily. Finally, the procedure started. He gave me general anesthesia and completed surgery with no hassles.

My friend waited in the waiting lounge all this time. He later told me about the sincerity of India health guru representative who took very good care of him. The people stayed in touch with him and regularly ensured his wellbeing and attended to his needs quite professionally. He was completely floored by the commitment of India health gurupeople and spoke highly of them.

When I came to senses, he asked me how I was feeling and if I had any pain in my tooth-set. I was behaving very strongly all the time but did share my state honestly. He guided my attendants to give me certain pain-killers and antibiotics and asked me to rest. I became normal by the end of the day and the very next day, I was able to get discharged from the hospital. The doctor came to see me again and India health guru representative helped my friend to complete all discharge formalities.

He gave me a detailed post-implantation care plan. It had laid a lot of stress upon oral hygiene. I was advised to floss and brush twice a day daily. He also suggested going to a dentist in my home country after three months for a check-up. I had to meet him again after about six months, which was swiftly arranged by India health guru consultants. I even video-called my kids back home to assure them about my wellbeing and Dr. Giroti personally attended that call and talked to my kids. All his warm gestures were quite helpful in regaining normalcy.

At present, I am having a blast, at least to say! I am in my 70s and have not experienced any discomfort with my implants, these are just like the normal teeth I used to have. I, however, have quit smoking completely and also have become more disciplined in my oral care. I have cut on sweets.

If I am able to smile whole-heartedly and with no inhibitions, it is because of the exceptional care and timely treatment given to me by Dr. Tarun Giroti Best Dentist in India and his team. My sister and friend helped me in all possible way, but what India health guru consultants did for me during this time was out of the world. I do visit Best Dental clinics in India at occasions now, and keep in touch with Dr. Giroti. He is always happy to hear from me.

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