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How to choose an Oncologist in India for your cancer treatment?


Oncologists in India excel in the field of oncology and provide thorough evaluations, diagnoses, and cancer treatment in children and adults. A large percentage of Oncologists in India have international experience and many carry board certification from the UK, Australia, Germany, or Japan. Over 200 are US board certified. Indian hospitals provide a complete array of diagnostic, therapeutics, surgical and rehabilitation services for comprehensive treatment and management of cancer. Indian Healthguru group has joined hands with the best Indian hospitals located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and New Delhi where the most proficient and talented Oncologists work. Not only the surgery / treatment but follow up care is also conducted at these hospitals. A world-class rehabilitation team of physical and occupational therapists will guide you through the recovery process and will advise you on illness management. oncologists,oncologists India,cancer treatment,cancer treatment India

Choosing an oncologist is an important part of your cancer treatment. You will be spending a lot of time, money and investing trust in this person who is responsible for your care. You may be limited by location and insurance carrier as to who will be treating you, but you do have a choice within those limits.

Where to Find an Oncologist

  • Referrals from family doctor or insurance carrier
  • Word of mouth from friends and family
  • Medical Tourism Companies, such as Indian Healthguru Group
  • Advertisements

Professional Qualities to Look For in an Oncologist

  • Is this oncologist board certified?
  • How much experience does the oncologist have in treating your type of cancer?
  • Does he or she communicate effectively, ensuring you understand information about your care?
  • Does the oncologist listen to your concerns and address them?
  • Does the oncologist's staff appear to be compassionate and helpful?
  • Do you feel rushed by the staff or oncologist?

Overall, you want to feel comfortable with the oncologist and staff who are treating you. You will likely spend a lot of time with the nurses and other staff members, so being confident and comfortable with your care team is essential.cancer,cancer India,cancer hospitals,cancer hospitals India

Questions to Ask Prospective Oncologists

You may want to ask the following questions to find out important policies that can affect your treatment -

  • What hospital does that oncologist have privileges in?
  • Will you be seeing him/her during treatment, or will other oncologists be managing your care also?
  • What are the office hours?
  • Who will care for you in the event the oncologist is not available?
  • What is the protocol for emergency situations?
  • How can this oncologist be contacted after hours?

Remember, choosing an oncologist is one of the most critical decisions in your cancer treatment. Do your research and ask questions. Finding an oncologist who is experienced and compassionate is the first step in receiving quality cancer care.

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Phone Numbers –

India & International - +91-9860755000 / +91-9371136499

UK +44-2081332571

Canada & USA +1-4155992537


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