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Dr. Tarun Giroti
MDS - Conservative Dentistry
& EndodonticsBDS

E-mail & appointment

Dr. Tarun Giroti, Conservative Dentistry & EndodonticsBDS
For Immediate Appointment Email-id
Number For Fast Track Query Reply - +91-9096436224

MDS - Conservative Dentistry & EndodonticsBDS
19 years experience

Specializations of Dr. Tarun Giroti

  • Surgical Tooth Extraction

  • Alveolar Bone

  • Artificial Fixed Teeth

  • Dental Fillings

  • Fear of Needles

  • Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)

  • Implant

  • Crowns and Bridges Fixing

  • Bleeding Gums & Bad Breath

  • Complete/Partial Dentures Fixing

  • Dental Bonding & Enamel Shaping

Certification and Experience of Dr. Tarun Girooti

Dr. Tarun Giroti is a skilled implantologist and endodontist and is also experienced in advanced dental surgery in India. Dr. Giroti has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in dental surgery from Karnataka University; rotary endodontic is a key area of interest for Dr. Giroti. He completed his post-graduation in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic in 1999 and has been a practicing dentist for the last 19 years now .Dr Tarun Giroti is a Member of Indian Dental Association. Other than being a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (England), he is an active participant and has also had the honor of being a keynote speaker on International and National platforms and keeps himself updated with the latest techniques and best practices. He has been the recipient of various awards over the years and has quite a number of publications to his credit. Dr Tarun Giroti has taken up various advanced courses in The USA, Japan, Israel and Sweden to ensure world class treatment to his patients.

Achievements of Dr. Tarun Giroti Delhi India

Oct. 1996 - Participated in the Continuing Dental Education Programme at Belgaum.

Oct.1996 - Attended Surgical & Prosthetic Hands-On Course and Symposium on Oral Implantology at Belgaum.

Nov. 1997 - Attended Pre-Conference Implant Course at the 5th Annual Conference, ISOI, and Chennai.

1997 - Participated in the Continuing Education Programme on Reasons for Failure in Endodontics" at the 12th FODI & 5th IES Conference.

Nov 1997 - Awarded the IIIrd Best Paper for the Scientific Presentation at the 12th FODI & IES Conference, New Delhi Feb.

1998 - Scientific Presentation at the 2nd Scientific Convention held at KLE's Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum

Dec. 1998 - Scientific Presentation at the 13th FODI & 6th IES Conference, Mumbai.

1998 - Attended the Clinical Dental Photography Workshop at Belgaum.

Jan1999 - Participated in the 53rd IDA Conference, Bangalore

Mar 1999 - Participated in the Deliberations at the Cons ? Pedo Workshop held at Goa.

Dec 1999 - Attended the 14th FODI & 7th I.E.S. Conference at Gauhati.

May 1999 - Presented Scientific Paper at the 5th National Mid Conference of IAPHD held at Belgaum.

Feb. 2000 - Paper presentation at 3rd CDA & 54th IDA Conference at New Delhi.

Feb 2000 - Received the Best Endodontics Paper award at 3rd CDA-IDA Congress

Sep 2000 - Organized a dental treatment camp at Najafgarh

Oct 2000- Presented a keynote lecture at the CDE Programme, IDA conference, Gwalior

Nov 2000 - Attended the 6th AAAD and 9th IAACD conference, Mumbai.

Jan 2001 - Participated in the 15th FODI and 8th IES conference Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Apr 2001 - Speaker at the CDE Programme, U.P State IDA conference, Ghaziabad.

Jul 2001 - Speaker at the CDE Programme, IDA conference, Orissa

Aug 2001 - Attended the 10th Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry, Agra.

Sep 2001 - Presented a keynote paper on Rotary Instrumentation in Endodontics in Nepal National Dental Conference from January 2001 till Jan 2003 - Assistant Editor, Endodontology, Journal of the Indian Endodontics Society. Assistant Editor, Bridge, A publication of Dr. Reddy?s Laboratories.

Jan 2002 - Organized a hands-on Continuing Education Program on Endodontics at National I. D. A. Conference, Orissa

June 2003 - Key Note Speaker at the First IDA program, IDA conference, Uttranchal

June 2003 - Key note speaker at Indian Dental Association South Delhi Branch, New Delhi

March 2004 - Keynote speaker at IDA Kanpur CDE Program, IDA, Kanpur Branch

Nov 2004 - Attended the advanced Alpha Bio Implant Course by Dr. Fromovich Ophir in Israel.

Sep 2007 - Attended 'Train the trainer' Programme on Endodontics by Dr. Pertot.

Oct 2007 - Attended surgical hands on courses with Dr. George, Dr. Jay Beagle, Dr. Anoop Sondhi in Indianapolis, U.S.A

Nov, 07 - Keynote speaker at the Implantology Road show, ICO

Dec 2007 - Attended hands on courses at ICOI, Mumbai

Dec 2007 - Core committee member for IGNOU PG certificate course in endodontics

May 15-16, 2009 - Attended the Scientific Symposium in Sydney, Australia. Awarded Certificate of appreciation for outstanding Service and professionalism to the members of The U.S. Mission in India by US Embassy

Attended Alpha Bio "Train the trainer Programme" Implant Course in Israel from 5th Sep to 12th Sep09. Sep, 2009

Aug, 2010 - Attended Nobel Biocare Symposium Asia-Pacific 2010- Tokyo from

21-22 Aug, 2010 Nov, 2010 - Attended" 8th World Congress for Oral Implantlogy& AAID Global Conference 2010"

Feb 2011 - Attended Alpha Bio International Advanced Implantology Expert Meeting in Israel

Feb 2012 - Attended Advanced Implantlogy Course in Tel Aviv in Israel.

March 2012 - Attended Nobel Biocare Symposium 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Oct 2012 - Attended All on 4th and Immediate Function Course by Dr. Paulo Malo, Lisbon-Portugal Jan 2013- Awarded Certificate of Appreciation for delivering a key note lecture on "Dental Stem cells- An Update for medical professionals for Faculty of Dentistry Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Feb 2013 - Attended Global Symposium Microscopic surgical & Non surgical Endodontics by University of Pennsylvania

2013 - Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, England

Dec 2014 - Attended Certificate course of "Treatment option for severly resorbed maxilla with Zygoma Implants", Chennai Dr. S.V. Bhagwat

Practice Location of Dr. Tarun Giroti

Dr. Tarun Kumar Giroti, the founder and principal dentist at The Sterling Dental Clinic, established since the year 2002. Sterling Dental Clinic is a leading dental care center situated in the Vasant Vihar Delhi India offering world class dental services with the best corporate setup of its kind in the country. Sterling Dental Clinic to be listed with the National News, and provides you with a comprehensive dental solution which is both pain free and esthetic. Sterling Dental Clinic is one of the Best Dental centres of north India with setup of 5 chairs where cutting edge Dental technology is used in conjunction with latest procedures in comfortable environment with as less discomfort as possible. Before setting up The Sterling Dental Clinic, he was consultant with some of India's largest health care providers as they established their own dental practices. He has served as visiting faculty at one of Delhi's leading dental colleges and often speaks at dental conferences.Dr Trun Giroti treats every aspect of dentistry including Periodontics, Restorative, Prosthodontics, Pedodontics, Implantology and Oral Surgery. However, Endodontics is particularly close to his heart. Dr Tarun Giroti has performed 16500 + dental surgery. Sterling Dental Clinic understands the value of time and they have the best appointment management system available.Sterling Dental Clinic provides the cutting edge treatment in dentistry, with the best solution for your every need Good dental health is of paramount importance to your overall wellbeing.

Deciding factors on getting dental surgery by Dr. Tarun Giroti Delhi India

Dr Tarun Giroti, India's iconic dental surgeon, is the personification of natural flair and magnetic charisma coupled with an inborn talent in the field of dentistry Dr. Tarun Giroti is a senior dental surgeon with over 19 years of experience.He specializes in every kind of dental treatment modality, from simple fillings to complex surgeries and at very competitive prices. In today's scenario one of the main concerns for us when we visit a dental clinic is, if it provides us cutting edge and pain free treatment under excellent hygienic and sterilized environment and Sterilization. You will find all these requirements taken care of under one roof. His professional demeanor and an easy going approach puts a very nervous and apprehensive patient also at ease. His one primary goal- your utmost comforts! Dr Tarun Giroti understands that it is important for each patient to understand the treatment that they'd be receiving so that they stay calm and relaxed during the procedure. Dental Cosmetics & Implantology is attaining new dimensions day by day all over the world. World class infrastructure and surgical skills are setting new standards. Dr. Tarun Giroti has pioneered Painless Single Sitting Immediate Loading Dental Implants in India which has become a preferred dental procedure amongst patients due to its functionality, durability and natural looking fitments.

Treatments and surgeries provided by Dr. Tarun Giroti Delhi India

Dr. Tarun Giroti provides quality preventative dental care and treatment in a comfortable and friendly environment. What's more, he offers a complete range of dental services open to everyone - whether you have health or dental insurance or not.

Below is a list of the services offered by Dr. Tarun Giroti

  • Full mouth check-up

  • Small X-ray

  • Large X-ray (Digital)

Preventative Treatment

  • Scale & polish (Dentist)

  • Scale & polish (Dental Hygienist/Therapist)

  • Fresher breath treatment (per quadrant)

  • Preventative fissure sealants (recommended)

  • Mouth Guards (help prevent sports injuries)

  • Bite Guards (occlusion issues)

Tooth Restorations

White Fillings

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

  • White Premiere Deluxe (best aesthetics)

  • White Premiere

  • Classic

  • Retaining post

  • Diagostic Wax Up (per tooth)

Root Fillings

  • Incisors & canines

  • Premolar

  • Molar


Simple - complex

Dental Implants

  • Single tooth replacement (Biomet 3i)

  • Single tooth replacement (Straumann)

  • Denture stabilisation (Biomet 3i)

  • Denture stabilisation (straumann)

  • Full Mouth Restoration (Biomet 3i)

  • Full Mouth Restoration (Straumann)

  • Multiple tooth replacement (Biomet 3i)

  • Multiple tooth replacement (Straumann)

Dentures - Fee dependent on number of replacement teeth

  • Chrome framework with advanced acrylic

  • Advanced acrylic per denture (High impact)

  • Standard acrylic per denture

  • Valplast acrylic per denture


  • Tooth Whitening

  • Tooth Whitening Additional Tubes

  • Sedation (recommended for anxious patients)

  • Emergency Treatment

Cleanings & Prevention

  • Exams & Cleanings

  • Sealants

  • Dental Hygiene

  • Fluoride Treatment

  • Periodontal Treatment

  • Oral Cancer Screening

Restoring Teeth

  • Dentures / Partial Dentures

  • Bridges

  • Crowns

  • Inlay & Onlay Restorations

  • Composite Fillings

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Bonding

  • Veneers

  • Teeth Whitening (One Hour & Trays)

  • Invisalign

  • Routine Tooth Extractions

  • Root Canal Therapy

Other Services

  • Emergency Services

  • Dentistry For Kids

  • TMD / TMJ Disorders

  • Custom Sports Mouthguards

Plan your affordable dental surgery in Delhi India.

India is emerging as one of the top dental surgery destinations in today's world. India has a word class dental surgery hospitals and clinics providing all kinds of dental treatments and surgeries with high success rate by highly trained dentist by using latest technology and equipments. Dental treatment is very costly in most of the Europe and American countries. India is fast becoming one of "the" most affordable destinations for dental care equipped with the most modern technology. Many foreigners nowadays come to India for their dental treatment which is not only at half the price compares to their country but also of superior quality as well. Many foreigners find themselves without any dental treatment insurance and have no choice but to pay for their dental treatments themselves. For the millions of Indian nationals who are settled abroad, the dental treatments in India is a practical option. Cosmetic dental treatments in India have gained immense popularity, with its success and cost benefits ringing across the globe. A beautiful smile imparts self-confidence and happiness to the person. Dentists in India are highly qualified with degrees from reputed universities in India and abroad. There are a number of dental clinics in India with the most recent advancements in dental technology and latest dental materials being used for world class dental treatment. The country witness large number of international patients especially from the U.S, Middle east, Africa, China and SSARC countries who prefer India for dental treatment or surgery. Cosmetic dental treatments in India have gained immense popularity, with its success and cost benefits ringing across the globe. A beautiful smile imparts self-confidence and happiness to the person. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible for everyone to have these, especially with the above advantages in a country like India. Dollar or pound conversion rates with respect to Indian Rupee give a distinct cost advantage to India which makes dental treatments very affordable in India. Quality healthcare in accordance with international standards from best dental clinics in India having international accreditations. Here are some advantages of dental treatment in India: Access to state of the art medical facilities, English speaking medical staff, significant savings for healthcare, No waiting times, High quality level of service, India's contemporary attraction for tourism and business.


The sterling Dental clinic of Dr Tarun Giroti is one of the leading destinations for those planning to visit India for dental tourism. Dental tourism is a new form of tourism where the dental treatment is clubbed with tours. Dental tourism means travelling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures, which are generally expensive in one own country. World class dental clinics all over India with US trained dentists and specialists in dental implants, smile design and cosmetic dentistry. Dental tourism in India enables international patients to save on dental treatment while exploring India. India is the best destination to save without compromising on quality. The dental treatment in India is affordable but at same time is of extremely high quality. The dental clinics have equipment which can match the best of international standards and the doctors are well trained and experienced. Dental care treatment is generally not reimbursed by the National Health Schemes in many countries and hence often not affordable for many average citizens. In America dentistry is an exuberant industry with expert, highly qualified dentists, but frightfully expensive. - In US, only 50% of the total population has dental insurance. Even those with comprehensive medical packages do not a have dental coverage. Apart from the low dental insurance coverage, cost of the dental treatments is also extremely high. - Even if the person has a proper dental insurance. Several dental procedures are not covered by the policy. - The greatest majority of tourists who come to India arrive for dental procedures like implants, rehabilitation procedures and cosmetic dentistry services (which are most of the times not covered by their insurance policy in their country). The main reason India has become one of the top choices for dental tourism among dental tourists worldwide is that in India they get same quality treatment at much lower costs. Moreover, in India almost all the doctors and staff at dental clinics are fluent in English and it is widely spoken in the country. Dental tourism in India comes well within one's pocket limits; it's no more a blown out fact that dental treatment procedures here comes out to be 10 times cheaper when compared to the hospitals of the West! Also showcasing the best skilled dentists at service, even the quality is well guaranteed. Clearly, undergoing extensive dental procedures abroad, even when allowing for travel expenses, can be significantly cheaper than the same procedures at home. An English speaking population, at par technology, competence, attractive tourist destinations and alternative medicine are some factors that are largely responsible for India's burgeoning dental tourism. The one advantage that India has is that a doctor in India - especially a surgeon - would have acquired in 10 years' time more experience - both in terms of scale of procedures done and the exposure to varying levels of complexity - than what a surgeon in the US would get in, say, 30 years of practice. So, a doctor with about 15 years experience will probably be unrivalled in the scope and scale of his exposure. To conclude, dental tourism is emerging as a new tool for marketing dental health and cultural beauty in real sense so as to promote dentistry as well as our tourism. The concept of getting treated while getting treat holds good for dental tourism. With an expected increase in the costs of oral healthcare, the scope for dental tourism will widen in the near future. Finally, dental tourists will find a true heaven in India. The Sterling Dental Clinic of Dr Tarun Giroti is one of the leading destinations for those planning to visit India for dental tourism.


You do not have to wait for meeting Dr. Tarun Giroti. We have fast track services for our patients.You can Email or Call us on :

Email Us-
Call Us- +91-9096436224

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