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Cardiac Surgery in India

76-Year-Old Omani Stable After Complicated Cardiac Surgery In India

After 5 doctors refused to perform on him, for fear of the surgery being too unstable, 76-years old Omani resident was operated on Global Hospital, Mumbai top cardiac surgery hospitals Mumbai, and is now said to be out of danger. Mr. Khalfan Manaa Bakhit Almamari underwent minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS). The doctors in Oman… Read More »

How long does it take to recover from Cardiac surgery?

Any Heart problem is taken and must be taken very seriously. Heart ailments also referred to as cardiovascular diseases, can bring a lot of discomfort for the sufferers. In fact, these diseases are the leading reason behind the worldwide mortality rate. Aneurysm Angina Pectoris Cardiomyopathy Atherosclerosis Coronary Heart Disease Atrial Fibrillation Cardiac Sarcoma Congenital Heart… Read More »

Top 10 Cardiac Surgeries Hospitals In India

Before we talk about the cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India, we need to talk about the surgery first. Well, heart being the central body part has many functions to offer. Hence it has to be taken care the best giving the organ the best shape to function properly. However, if things go wrong then you… Read More »

Heart disease affects women as much as men

Overview: There may be many causes for heart attack but the major cause of heart attack is coronary artery disease. Some of the major diseases like: diabetes, polycystic ovary, high blood pressure, endometriosis etc; these factors causes heart disease in a women. Because these disease affects only women that is the reason heart disease affects… Read More »

Heart Disease and Heart Transplant

Overview A heart transplant is the surgical replacement of a patient’s diseased heart with a healthy donor’s heart. The donor is a person who has died and whose family agreed to donate their loved one’s organs. Now heart transplant is an established treatment for the advanced heart diseases. Around 2,300 heart transplants are done each… Read More »

Heart Surgery India

As heart conditions tend to be serious and are good at catching all the attention of a person. Among many vital functions, our heart keeps the blood flowing in the body, running across 60,000 miles of blood vessels that feed the tissues and organs. So any damage can hamper its pumping process forcing the fist-sized… Read More »