5 Ways Planning In Advance For Medical Tourism Is Good For You

By | September 4, 2017


Planning a medical trip in advance is the most significant aspect of medical tourism. From air fares, stay, appointment with doctors and other legal formalities, there are numerous things needing basic groundwork before travelling, hence be prepared for any difficulty arising in your travel. Start planning at least three to four months in advance.

Consider these 5 ways to ensure a smooth, trouble-free and enjoyable medical travel.

Ensuring a Hassle-free Trip

Before leaving for your medical trip, you must have complete information relating to the duration of your hospital stay, procedure and involved complications, doctors, recovery as well as travel back. It is best to start chalking out the plan a couple of months in advance ensuring you are well prepared for any last minute mishaps. Planning in advance for medical tourism gives you ample time to prepared for the procedure.

Using the help of Medical Tourism Facilitators and Networking

As a potential patient and medical tourist, you should have complete information about the best doctors, hospitals and destination as per your budget. It is common and prudent for the international patients to take help of the medical tourism agencies or facilitators such as Indian Healthguru, who provide assistance along every step of planning and booking your trip.

Adequate Research

Plan your trip in advance to get ample time to research about various formalities involved in the process. Being a patient, it is always advisable for you to travel with all official documents such as your travel visa, passport, and medical statements. More time in hand ensures better knowledge of quality standards and requirements and more informed background checks. Choosing travel destination should be done after gathering details on local laws, weather, hospitality and language of the country. The selection of hospital should be done after thorough evaluation of infrastructure, availability of skilled staff and state of art technology, reputation, affiliation to associations, reputation, standard of care, etc.

Choosing a Credible Doctor

Exercise caution while choosing a doctor or surgeon for your procedure. It is advisable to book the highly qualified surgeons several months in advance since they have tight schedules. Do sufficient research and compare relative costs, background, qualifications, testimonials, and success ratio. Book the doctor well in advance can even help build a good rapport between the patient and doctor. This will ensure better communication between both parties about important matters such as medical condition of the patient and their past medical records; thereby provide a higher level of comfort. Further, it gives the doctor ample time to carry out necessary diagnosis and preliminary tests.

Availing Discounts

Planning your medical trip in advance will help you to be aware of any offers or discounts available on the travel and accommodation. Take advantage of such deals to achieve lower airfares and early bird discounts on hotels, hence maintain a balance between quality healthcare and reasonable prices. Post some surgeries, especially the orthopedic procedures, the patients may need adequate space while travelling back home; hence they may need to book the first of business class tickets. Unless you book in advance, these may prove quite expensive. If you are travelling during the peak season, ensure to check the availability of rooms before hand to avoid any last minute hassles.

Getting your medical tour arranged is not a simple task that can be done at the last minute, as it includes intricate planning and detailed research of several factors. Contact Indian Healthguru at +91-9371136499 or contact@indianhealthguru.com to get assistance for getting yourself updated and be responsive and well-researched to design an affordable medical tour plan.