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American Patient Success Story Comprehensive Spinal Decompression Surgery in Nagpur India

Comprehensive Spinal decompression surgery packages to cure back pain available at hospitals of Nagpur and Pune

Mr Ricky Sablet Comprehensive Spinal Decompression Surgery Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur has become a favorite medical destination for best healthcare solutions for countless overseas patients coming from all across the world. Of late, India has emerged with best medical infrastructure having state of art facilities which caters the best of known quality service with affordable costs. We at Indian Healthguru Group have been arranging and managing countless medical treatments and surgeries in India with best medical expertise and resource. Unlike many, recently, Mr. Ricky Sablet from America had his Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur He shares the experience of getting treated his in India. Read on to know more about it.


I am Ricky Sablet from America. A few weeks ago, I had my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur, thanks to the noble group Indian Healthguru Group – for being so kind and supporting in organizing my entire Spinal decompression surgery with so much of confidence and commitment. Otherwise, I was in a deep mess due to my back pain. The pain seemed to have changed my lifestyle, right from affecting my life at work to my social and domestic life, everything seemed to be a big mess. Most of the time I was seen confined in my room. With numbness, back pain and so on, I consulted my doctor, he went through my medical history, did some tests and X-ray, and after going through the same, confirmed that  my spine is in a bad shape and would now require a Spinal decompression surgery. He referred me some places, however, when I visited those places, I was shocked to check the prices; they were very expensive with a long wait list.

Hence I asked couple of friends and relatives about some solution, most of them asked me to try for Spinal decompression surgery in India since few of them had already visited for their medical ailment and the services were too pocket friendly and with quality par in excellence. While one of my friend who had been to India, forwarded me a copy of a Newsletter from a medical consultant from India i.e. Indian Healthguru Group. Gradually, on browsing the internet, I came across couple of options to have my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur or in Pune at India’s finest hospitals. On comparing in various terms and criteria, I found the option of having my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur a better deal. I discussed this with my wife and friends; though sensed some resentment, however, later, they encouraged me to go ahead. I called the medical consultant to enquire if they can manage my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur. I got an instant reply followed by a phone call, wherein the executive asked me to send them the investigation reports. The next day the second call came, which had the expert opinion. I was delighted to get his call with the expert advice regarding the Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur. He explained me the method of having the surgery in India. It was a simple procedure, and he assured me to carry out things on my behalf, what more I could aspire after this preposition. I immediately gave my consent for my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur.

Soon I reached for my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur. In no time, I was in the hospital sitting across my spine surgeon who was scheduled to carry my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur. We discussed my case; he already had chalked his plan for my treatment. This meeting really helped me to relax and I soon got rid of the apprehensions and nervousness. Soon the day for my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur dawned, I was calm and cool since was relaxed to see a world class medical centre with massive experience. The Spinal decompression surgery involves the use of a general anaesthetic and positioning the patient on their front in such as position that allows for easy access to the particular area of spine that is affected. If bone is found to be the cause of the nerve compression (which it almost always is) the surgeon will try and remove a suitable amount of the bone that relieves the pressure on the nerve. In some instances this may mean that the spine temporarily loses some of its mass and therefore strength and stability which are treated by using either a bone graft or the use of metal rods and screws that serve to re-stabilise the spine.

I was asked by my surgeon to take care of my back with few medications and exercises following my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur. And within few weeks, I was back on my normal chores, I am enjoying my social life now, and move around anywhere and finally free from the back which remained as my friend all these days. I am thankful to my consultant Indian Healthguru Group, who left no stone unturned while arranging my Spinal decompression surgery in Nagpur. Also, would love to thank the medical team who treated me in India. This pleasant experience of being treated in India would certainly provoke me to recommend people for the same.

Thank you,

Mr Ricky Sablet,

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