WildSmiles Brackets

People, generally youth, tend to conceptualise fashion and fun in almost every part of their daily life. Following the trend, there is a revolution in the designs of traditional braces. Without compromising with the orthodontic purpose that is the top priority to be served, WildSMILES Brackets have launched patented designs that can be mixed and matched to give everyone a ‘personalised’ smile.

WildSMILES Brackets are made from quality stainless steel that straighten teeth with accuracy. They also can incorporate colour elastic ties for individuality. WildSMILES Brackets were designed by a board certified orthodontist, committed to excellence and bringing a positive orthodontic experience. WildSmiles Braces are patented braces with unique bracket shapes viz, star, heart, soccer ball, flower and football. WildSmiles braces are fun and offer a choice in how one ‘braces’ himself. One doesn’t wear these braces, he ‘sports’ them. They are cool, unique, and come with several cool choices. WildSmiles braces work the same as traditional braces. The part that attaches to the tooth (pad) is in a unique shape. They can be mixed with coloured elastics for added individuality. WildSmiles are for four front teeth on the Upper Jaw. So now, there is no reason to hide yourself when you can show off those hap braces!