New Clear Aligner

The new clear aligners are as invisible as air, when a patient is wearing them. The Aligner completely changes the traditional views of retention. The new Clear Aligner is made from the only plastic formulated for intraoral use. They are accepted worldwide because of their strength, clarity, size and value. The new Clear Aligner provides a vehicle for benefit from orthodontic treatment. It provides alignment of your teeth and correct bite, promoting overall good oral health. It reduces initial anxiety and embarrassment. Today, greater stress is given on personal appearance than ever before. Many patients feel that the new clear aligner offer:

  • Superior Durability
  • Contact Clarity
  • Very thin
  • Will not crack or bubble
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • Do not shrink or distort
  • Nearly invisible
Tooth movement requires time, force and space. The pliers for tooth movement provide force to move teeth by creating a bump directly into an Clear Aligner. Depending on the force and the space are placed, different types of movement can be achieved: tipping, torquing and rotating.