Microscope assisted RCT

Patient satisfaction comes with the best of innovative diagnosis and therapies. This prominent requirement can be fulfilled with the integration of microscopic examination and microsurgical techniques into dentist work. You and your dentist place high demands on the treatment. Now, it is even easier for patients to see exactly what the dentist sees. 

Microscope-supported video documentation is ideal for recording diagnostic findings, demonstrating various stages of treatment on the monitor, and hence achieving optimum communication with the patient. This allows clear explanation of any required therapy, giving patients a better understanding of the expertise and skills required for the dentist's work. Dental surgeons and hospitals in India offer the best of this mechanism with the latest technology.

OPMI pico with the new integrated video camera – so that patients are always in the picture.

  • Make out the finest details during diagnosis and therapy.
  • See the smallest structures which cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  • Experience the highest degree of safety and precision - for you and your patients.
  • Opt for the integration of microscopic examination methods and microsurgical techniques in dentistry.