Lingual Braces

Traditional braces may not be a choice for those who are ashamed of wearing them but also want to shapen their teeth. Thanks to drastic changes in medical technology, Lingual braces are wave among such people. These esthetically appealing braces come in semi-transparent white to blend with the teeth, making them less visible. Lingual braces are applied behind the teeth as compared to metal or ceramic braces which are applied to the front of your teeth. Often called ‘Invisible Braces’, they are the best and only non-visible form of fixed orthodontic therapy. Almost all dental hospitals across india provide the treatment of lingual braces. Although they are more expensive, they offer a highly cosmetic alternative to those patients who otherwise would not consider treatment.

The lingual braces will transform your look! If your teeth are badly aligned now, they are also probably affecting your facial appearance. Since the alignment of your teeth contributes greatly to the way your mouth and jaws look, improved alignment results in a more attractive facial appearance. The way your teeth are aligned also affects your bite, as well as the bone and gum tissue. Proper alignment of your teeth and a correct bite promotes overall good oral health. Lingual braces are just as effective as traditional braces but as they are at the back, your teeth are not hidden and you can see your smile improve daily.