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Top 10 Cardiac Surgeries Hospitals In India

Before we talk about the cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India, we need to talk about the surgery first. Well, heart being the central body part has many functions to offer. Hence it has to be taken care the best giving the organ the best shape to function properly. However, if things go wrong then you face certain cardiac issues and at such juncture the hospitals dealing with heart ailments come into picture. How about catching up the list of top 10 cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India, have a look as under:

1). Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center, Delhi

It is a pioneer in this list of top cardiac Surgeries Hospitals in India.  Armed with state of art technology and best heart specialists and cardiologists it becomes the most preferred entity for cardiac related issues. The features include 5 equipped Cath labs, NABH accreditation, has 285 hospital beds,  have 200 expert doctors and 1600 qualified people in medical team.

2). Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai

Top hospital for cardiac treatments in India and it has a global mark in the domain with world class facilities and globally acclaimed panel of doctors. Some Salient Features include esteemed panel of Doctors, Success rate of 99.3%, with 33,000 angiographies, 18,000 bypass surgeries, and 22,000 surgeries performed in the hospital.

3). Apollo Hospitals, Greams Lane

Apollo Hospitals is among the top cardiac Surgeries Hospitals in India to offer revolutionized cardiology treatments to the global patients. The hospital boasts of the high success rate thanks to the best cardiologists they have in the in the country. The Salient Features include Success rate of 99.6%, Dedicated and well-equipped ICUs, and CCUs for Cardiothoracic ailments, state of art diagnostic and medical equipment and esteemed panel of Doctors.

4). Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi is yet another key cardiac surgeries hospitals in India, which is known for its quality cardiac care. Some of the Salient Features include high Success rate as per the international standards, modern and fully equipped Cath labs, the modern ICU’ facilities, it is ranked among the top institutes for heart related treatments along with having Expert cardiologist offering high end cardiac care.

5). Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai

It is among the oldest hospitals in Mumbai, which has 350 beds housing 55 medical and surgical specialties that come along under one roof. The cardiology department is regarded as country’s best and offers quality healthcare services. Some of the key features of this hospital include highly advanced diagnostic facilities including 64 slice PET-CT scan, MrgFUS, and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound along with having top functional cardiac catheterization lab, etc.

Top 10 cardiac Surgeries Hospitals in India

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6). Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

It is a Max Healthcare group venture having world class medical facilities giving the best cardiac care to global patients. It has 24×7 emergency for heart attack and cardiac tamponade cases backed with top cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and cardiac surgeons that offer quality cardiac care services.

7). Maxcure Heart Institute, Hyderabad

The other influential health-care chain include Maxcure group, which is a top cardiac care hospital in South India. It caters world class cardiac care to fix cardiac illnesses among the adults and children. It offers quality treatment options with the presence of highly-qualified doctors and cardiac surgeons on-board. It is also has state of art and well-equipped hospital competent to handle a number of cardiac emergencies anytime of the year.

 8). Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

It has proven its record being excellent in terms of giving quality cardiac care serving even complex cases with the help of using advanced equipment and top doctors and cardiac surgeons.

9). Fortis Hospital, Banerghatta Road

It was incepted in 2006 and is known for having the best cardiac services to fix a wide range of cardiac disorders in the world class quality services. It has the best facilities and doctors that leave no stone unturned to give you the best quality cardiac care services.

10). Artemis Hospital, Delhi

It is among the well equipped and best multi-specialty hospitals in India giving the best cardiac care. It has highly calibrated devices along with top doctors and surgeons that give the global patients nothing but the best of the cardiac care.

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